Blue Buries


Impatience. That’s what I’ve been feeling lately. My computer is too slow. The chores are getting done fast enough (or well enough), I’m waiting for call backs, waiting for people to do their part…..I hate waiting.

Remember back when the internet was a new thing? I can remember pushing the button to connect and then going to fold clothes for a few minutes. It was slow. Now, if my internet isn’t already running and moving at light speed, I’m annoyed. I know I’m not the only one. We have become very spoiled.

Some would argue that the world is moving too fast. We have lost touch with the things that really matter. I would not be able to disprove that idea. I’m busier than ever, yet I feel like I get nothing done. I think the speed of the world has influenced the speed of our brains. We are thinking faster….so fast we forget what we just thought. It has been quickly deleted to make room for the next hundred things.

How do you slow down? Should you slow down? Is slowing down the answer? Or do you just need to make sure you are pointed in the right direction and keep going? I can’t answer those questions for you, I’m not a therapist or anything.

I do know that the last six years are a blur when I turn around to see them. I hardly recognize that girl I was back then. Fast forward to four years ago….nope, not sure I know her either. What about two years ago? Maybe…..Honestly, if I look at the person I was last week I have to squint to focus a bit.

There are shadows and reminders of past lives all around me, but the problem for me is that I am looking for my future. I’m trying to do today what will bring my desired tomorrow. Having goals is important, even crucial to getting where you want to go. I have goals, I’ve thrown them to the universe, and I’m working towards them.

Life is not a box of chocolate, life is the briar patch. Work that one out.

Cause I said so.

Photo credit: Pooh’s adventures wiki

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