nut crackers

Growing older sucks. I used to think it would be cool….until I got to the age of 30, then I realized it was a scam all older people were a part of to trick us into aging. Nobody likes getting older, they just pretend it is cool. Brad was the only exception to this. He longed to get older and be the old wise guy everyone looked up to. So much for that plan…

One of the real bummers about getting older is that more and more people you actually know die. When I was a kid, I didn’t know anybody that had died. All my grandparents were alive, nobody was sick, everyone was young and immortal. Those were the good times. I remember my great aunt dying when I was about seven, but that was the only one and it was a weird anomole (even spell check doesn’t know how to spell that word.) Nobody else died until I was a senior in high school.

Now that I am in my EARLY 40s, people are starting to drop like flies. I’m getting worried. I’m out of grandparents and my parents are defying me by getting older too. I have told them repeatedly that they are not allowed to leave me, ever, but…they never listen to me.

I’ve thought about running away from life and living in a cave somewhere that doesn’t let me see anyone age, die, get sick, or what have you, but caves are known to have spiders and other scary lifeforms. If I did that,  I would die of fright before anyone else. While this might be a good solution…it also seems like the cowardly way out.

I guess I just need to make the most of the time I have with the people I love. I don’t have a lot of tangible friends, so I can concentrate my time and efforts on family. They seem to be getting older and needing me less these days, but I may be able to sabotage them into spending time with me by offering them food. This has been known to work for people, especially males, of all ages. Time to bake!

Cause I said so.


*As a side note, never google search ‘weird birthday cakes’. After doing that, I felt the need to look at lots of pictures of butterflies and ended up with this picture. Photo credit: wonkhe.com   Much better.



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