Purple spective



Post written in August of 2016

Prayers are answered. I know this because of personal experiences. The Lord is there and He listens and answers our prayers. This hopefully isn’t new information for many of you, but the new part might be that He also has a great sense of humor.

I’ve been praying for something for a couple months now. Fervent, thoughtful, heart-filled prayer. I’ve used specific words in my prayers to make sure the Lord understands what I feel I need and I’ve been given what I asked for. It is so amazing to know that He cares for me and wants to help me.

My grand daughter was missing for a few months. She was with her mom, but it wasn’t an ideal or safe situation. I needed to know she was okay and watched over and I was given peace and faith. She was finally returned on Monday and is totally fine. I can see the residue of heavenly angels being in her company, standing guard around her, in the light in her eyes. She almost glowed when I first saw her. It was a strong confirmation that the lord did have his angels watching over her. I am humbled that he would hear and answer my prayers. I feel unworthy, but oh so grateful!

As I attempt to morph my life back into the role of ‘mother of toddler’, I realize how very independent I have become. My kids are older, the youngest being 15, so I have been able to come and go as I wish. We can do big kid stuff, like go to the movies, any time we want! Well, no more. Life as we have grown to know it has come to a screeching halt. It has been quite an adjustment.

I am not bitter or sad or feeling even the tiniest bit of regret at having her here. I adore her and love her to pieces!  The funny part is that what I have been praying for, besides her safe return, was for a partner. I don’t want to be alone. As my kids grow up and move on…I don’t want to be that old widowed woman, living in the big scary house with all the cats. I prayed for a partner. I got a one year old.

The Lord has a sense of humor….

cause I said so.

Photo credit: http://www.ADDitude.com

One thought on “Purple spective

  1. Another beautiful writing piece. So glad to hear your granddaughter is back and safe and that heaven watched over her. I also do agree the Lord has a sense of humor!

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