Shark thank

Movies used to be my favorite pastime. In fact, my family has been known to have entire conversations using only movie quotes.  Ben is the best. He can tell you any quote from any movie he has ever seen. That kid has a mind like a steele trap. He always wins at movie quote games.

As much as I love movies, I feel like they have built a false reality for me in many ways. First of all, I have yet to see any house elves clean up for me. I have even resorted to verbally asking for help when I leave the dishes at night. I’ve even left dinner out, in hopes of enticing some extra helpers, but it hasn’t worked. I’d even accept the brownies from Fablehaven! If anything, the mess gets bigger when I leave it.

Household help isn’t the only false hope I’ve grown due to movies. I’ve been single for approximately 7 years now and I haven’t once had to tell my family or friends to stop setting me up on dates with their friends. Not once. Am I the only one living this lie? Before I became single, I was kind of in the mindset that if I ever became single, everyone I knew would be pushing guys at me, trying to get me married again.

It actually seems like the opposite has happened. Once I became single and I reached the “ready to date” stage of mourning, every single friend my family or friends may have had, disappeared. Apparently, there are absolutely no single men available anymore.

Of course, the truth may be that I am just to freaking amazing for them to think any of their friends would be good enough for me. I have serious doubts about this one, but I feel it would be better for my sense of well being to believe that then to believe I should move to the woods and never show my face in public again. Cause I said so.


photo: Must Love Dogs

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