Down Loading


I remember back when the internet was a ‘new thing’ and we didn’t mind waiting half an hour for our computer to dial up. Well, we ‘minded’ but we didn’t know how fast it would eventually go; unless you were like me, addicted to all things sci fi and just KNEW it was going to get good. Thanks Star Trek.

Now we have the spinning wheel of death/doom that comes up when our internet is too bogged down with the 25 open sites we have going (for research), Itunes playing (inspiration music), and the extreme heat of the day (who wants to work when it’s 125 degrees outside?) I’m pretty sure the cables or whatever, are melting in the ground as I type.

I remember it being hotter a few years ago. Back in 2008 when I came to AZ to visit from Florida, it hovered between 117 and 122 daily. No biggy. Don’t let the tinted windows in the family room trick you into a family walk to the park….

My garden loves the heat. It is just thriving and giving me lots of prizes. I need a recipe for a cucumber casserole or something. Some people get huge amounts of zucchini, I get cucumbers. Maybe my garden heard I was reading the BFG by Roald Dahl and figured it would make me crave cucumbers, but it was wrong. I like a nice cool cucumber, but not three a day. Moderation!

Today I am trying really hard to get back into my writing and finish some stories before fall. It’s fun to look back through all my starts and see things I forgot all about. I’m not like some writers that know their stories so well it makes their significant other think they are having an affair. My stories are like friends that visit for a while and then go back to Minnesota to live their own lives. When they visit, it takes a while to catch up and get back in the groove. Don’t get me wrong, there is that one story that has been haunting me for a while and that can be like the stalker from the corner store that stays just on the legal side of danger. That’s the one I’m working on.

The problem I have is my organization of stories. I have some on the Mac Mamma, and some on the babyMac. And that whole ‘cloud’ thing they used to talk me into the two computers…yeah, that didn’t work for me. So, I’m waiting for my baby to download/update aka blue worm of eternity. Seriously. Sometimes I think the hand writers are the smart ones. I can’t do the handwriting. My brain goes too fast. And I’d probably lose it, spill something on it, sneeze on it, or not be able to read any of it.

So, I’m sentenced to sitting at my desk, watching the transfer of information that I’m pretty sure was done instantly, but I can’t access until the little blue line is complete. I believe it is a form of torture. Probably a government conspiracy to read all my ideas, hack my computer, or drive me insane. Little do they know….I need a nap. Boo yah blue line!

Cause I said so.

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