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I’ve been going to an energy expert lately. This isn’t the kind of energy you pay for to keep your lights on, this is a physical, emotional, spiritual kind of energy. I’ve been learning a lot about myself and life in general.

One of the things she has been telling me is I need to write. I know this is true, but writing always seems to be the last thing on my list. Writing is where I find my joy and fulfillment, but I feel selfish taking time for something I love so much. She tells me that until I do what I personally Need to do (write) the other issues in my life won’t work as well. So, good and bad.

I have a lot going on, as I usually do, but it isn’t as busy as it used to be. I’m done with school and … well…school, so I don’t have homework for a while. I still find myself learning and trying to plan for next year, but that is just what a teacher does. That whole “summers off” is a big joke. We are always getting ready for our current or future class.

To get back into my writing, I decided to finish a very short story I had begun a while ago. I am including it here for you to read. I’d love some feedback on what you think. This is where I was starting to give a bunch of excuses….but…just read it. It was fun to write.


It was an experience saved for a certain select group. You may never in your lifetime be able to see this event. The group was limited to approximately 300 people. There was a commonality among them to a certain extent. Most were male, but not all. Most were young, but there were a few in the older age bracket. Some were in groups of comrades others with a significant other or there as a guardian for a younger member. Some were alone, facing the rest of the group with a wary eye.

Although the group was cordial….everyone knew, deep inside, that they would soon be foes. Pitted against each other for the prize. It was inevitable. Many would die. Some would live, only to see their friends disappear as they were sucked deeper and deeper into the fight. It would be hard, tortuous, frustrating…..but it was their choice. Each person there had chosen in advance this path. There was no surprise summoning or force to be here. Everyone stood on their own feet, inching closer to their doom every few moments.

He got there later than most. Some in the group had already been there for almost twenty hours. He had wanted to come sooner, to start on this adventure earlier, but he had too many things to do before he could go. Things he had to take care of; things that couldn’t wait. So here he was, late but here. Others came after him; stragglers unsure of where to go or what to do. They were quickly sent to check in and lined up in order. No one would be turned away tonight.

The ranks grew as the night deepened. The sky grew black and the temperature dropped. The anticipation of the crowd was growing as the hour drew nearer and nearer. The thrill of the battle shining in the distance with an unreal glow.

How many battles had he been in already? He had lost count over the years. Some were fought on a family home territory while others were in places he would never be able to find again. His foes had varied from the novice to the experienced, deadly soldier.

His eyes started to ache behind his glasses. He rubbed at them and wished he would have had time to rest during the day. He was going into this with a weariness that would not help him stay alive. He questioned his choice, but only for a moment. His anticipation or insecurity would only serve his opponent in battle.

He looked sideways at the people around him, realizing he may very well be their enemy in a short time. He instinctively looked for any physical weakness he could use to his advantage in the future. Realistically, he would never see their face or know their name, but he knew that any advantage he could find could save him.

The line suddenly lurched forward. The time had come. This is what he had been training for. He strained his eyes towards the building in the distance. A battle cry rippled through the crowd before him. It was time.

As the line slowly progressed he watched those who had reached the building leave with renewed purpose and vigor. The hours they had stood waiting had disappeared from their faces and they wore a resolution laced with hunger. For them, the battle was beginning. He cursed under his breath again at his late arrival.

At last it was his turn. He passed his identification across the counter to the salesman. “Reservation for Thompson. Full package.” The salesman nodded and passed him a small rectangular bag. “No returns or exchanges after ten days. Enjoy Battlefield.”

The game was on.


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