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Most days I sit down to write something because I had an experience or thought that inspired me. I don’t always end up writing about that inspiration, as tangents get in the way, but there is usually a reason.

Today, I am writing out of boredom. Test day means lots of quiet students doing their thing. It is a beautiful thing, in a way, but I love the interaction of students and teachers and the learning, growing thing. Tests are annoying. A necessary evil if you ask me.

I’ve been thinking about joy lately and the causes for it. I have some memories that bring a lot of joy to me. I remember having my first baby. That was a joy beyond description. I cried, laughed and cried…wondering if I was happy or sad crying. Sometimes the emotions can be so overpowering, I’m not really sure what they are.

Joy was found was I married my sweetheart. We just rolled into it. He was my rock and my ocean. I leaned on his strength and fell into his eyes. I miss those eyes….they were blue like the sky in Alaska.

I feel joy whenever my children hug me, thank me, or tell me they love me. It happens frequently for some and rarely for others. I understand and take what I can get.

Joy gets harder to find as I get older. The world is too much with us, as Woodsworth says. It squeezes the joy out of days if we let it. I find a whole lot of effort can sometimes lead to disappointment instead of joy. Joy will sneak up on me in the form of a baby smile, a great passage in a book, or in a friend that actually takes the time to listen.

Joy can be elusive. It hides and runs and is sometimes impersonated by accomplishment, money, or even good food. Joy is more than that to me. Joy needs to make my heart smile, my face smile, and my soul glow. Maybe my standards are too high?

One thing that drives away my joy is worry and self-doubt. I do much better when I think about my blessings and trust in the future to work out.  I watched a really great TED talk the other day on this topic. I am linking it below. If you have trouble with joy, check it out. Cause I said so.” target=”_blank”>Brene Brown

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