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When I was a kid, we sang all sorts of weird songs. I didn’t realize how weird they were til I became a teenager/adult and I would sing them in front of non-relatives. I had always assumed everyone had the same ‘family song book’ and that one magical day, we would all gather in a town square and break into common song. Not so.

We did have some common songs like Bingo, and You are My Sunshine, but the ones I remember best are about things like pizza and vinegar and throwing trash in your neighbors back yard. There was also a song in a language I’m pretty sure my mother made up in her drunken youth. I have no actual proof, but I also have no idea what the words mean to this day.

Having unique childhood songs really isn’t a big deal. It makes your family special and a bit endearing to its members. The only time it could/would become a big deal is if you are the type of person that breaks into song in the town square all by your self. Or, you might even use your local grocery store or classroom as a substitute for that town square. Who even has town squares anymore? I think these days it would be more of a town ’round’ about since people are always in such a rush. But I digress.

My kids used to tease(complain) that I could (would) sing about everything. I think it was a way to bring joy into my everyday activities. It might also have been a way to mask my mental instability. Who can really tell. “The hills are alive…..” Whenever they would bring this up, I would acknowledge their ‘praise’ by singing a song I came up with especially for them in that moment. They learned to accept my singing and at times, join in. (They will not admit to this.)

As I walked through my classroom last week, I found myself saying words I knew were from a song. I couldn’t help it. The melody joined the words and I ended up singing a good portion of the song. I snapped back to reality to find my class giving me more attention than they typically do. I may have discovered something. Whereas my own children roll their eyes and claim to be orphans when I bust a song, my students sit in rapt awe while I sing. Then again, they just might be planning a silent take over of Ms. Crazy in room 201. Time will tell…..cause I said so.


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