Pie diggety

pie in face

I like pie, but I don’t like gravy. Chicken Run, very loose quote. It’s one of those movies that is way more fun when you hear someone try to quote it than it is when you actually watch it. You know, like Monty Python. My best friend in high school would go off on five minute monologues of Python movies. I loved it. The movies paled in comparison to her interpretation. I think she was more Eric Idle than Eric was.

I think it is silly that I’m on Spring Break on Pi Day. We’ve been talking so much about 3.14 at school, I could have a lot of fun with this day. We could do pi projects all day. I would bring in Pie. I could get one of those Cheese head hats and remake it into a piece of pie. I feel I am missing out terribly by being home on this epic day.

Its not like I’m wasting the day though. I have big plans for pi day, as well as for the rest of my week off. I thought I might be “bored” with nothing to do all day, but lucky for me…every day is now full in some way. Yay me. (sarcasm font here) The fun starts off with a termite inspection and plows right through the doctor appointments, hair cuts, enemas, and teeth pulling to the head banging on Friday night.

Okay, it isn’t really that bad, but why is it whenever I have time off I have to spend it doing all the dirty work I’m hiding from at work? I think there should be vacation days for catch up and vacation days for “vacation”. I love that being a teacher I do have fall, winter, spring, and summer breaks, but anyone that knows anything about teachers knows this is mostly full of cramming to prepare for going back to school. There really aren’t any ‘breaks’ for teachers.

That being said, I am going to a professional development training day on Wednesday. I am…stinkin’ excited for this one! My school is sending me to a class I chose! I’ll be learning how to implement games into my curriculum. Totally my style! I guess if I’m excited about it, it must not be a bad thing. It’s when I have to go to training about things I already know and love (hate) for hours on end that I want to cut my ears off and make soup with them. I love learning, just let me learn something new and fun.

At some point, my break will include going into work to figure out what will happen next week at school. It’s always good to be prepares when 30 pre-pubescent kids converge on a Monday morning….it can get ugly if you aren’t prepared. Cause I said so.

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