I’m Batman

jack on the corner

HALLOWEEN is not my favorite holiday. There is something about parents taking their kids around to strangers’ houses and asking for candy that just doesn’t seem quite right. Especially if they have been teaching these same children not only to never talk to strangers, but to never ever take candy from said strangers. Hmm…. The logic of it all escapes me.

When I was a kid, we didn’t do Halloween because my mother said it was the Devil’s holiday. As David Spade would say….”it kinda is…..” but it doesn’t have to be.

I love all the creative costumes that wandered through my candy stash last night. We had the typical witches, mummies, and zombies that you get every year, but there were a few gems. Two teens that live in my neighborhood rode up on their scooters looking completely normal. Not to be judgmental, I asked them what they were dressed as. They said they were dressed as each other. The make up was amazing…I was completely fooled. It was only enhanced by their quirky responses to my questions. Well done girls.

I love seeing little girls embracing their feminine side with crowns and ruffles and fairy wings. My girls totally gipped me in this area. They were never frilly girly girls. But I love who they are. Last night my own girls were dressed as a very tall fairy and a blue haired ….. creepy clown? I’m not sure what her official title was, but her make up was….extreme.

I have to say that my favorite costume from last night was the little girl who was dressed as a princess with a hard hat and tool belt on. Now, that is the kind of princess I could be. Pamper me, give me diamonds, and let me use the power tools. Can we do it? Yes I can!

I didn’t really dress up for the holiday. I had to wear something for school, but I mainly embraced the option of wearing jeans to school. I added some really red lipstick, a bandana around the updo, and a cardigan and called myself the 50’s. It was a stretch, but at least I didn’t make anyone cry (that I know of) and I didn’t need paint stripper to get the make up off my face.

Maybe next year I will go all out and do something amazing. Maybe I’ll find a WonderWoman outfit that covers my…assets….or I’ll dress up as a Rock Star with pink hair. Who knows? I’m pretty sure I won’t be like the kid down the street. He had a scary mask, rumpled clothes, and walked around dragging a shovel behind him. It’s amazing how much the shovel added to the scariness of his costume. I don’t know what movie or show or legend he was trying to convey, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a gardener……cause I said so.

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