Once upon a time, there was a girl that did every thing right. She said the right things, acted the right way, smiled and waved and pushed forward toward the next thing on her list. Her life was good, great, and just as it was supposed to be.

But then things changed. Her life took a sudden turn to the left and she scrambled, trying to keep up the momentum she had lived with before. Change likes friends, it rarely comes alone. That one change caused a series of domino changes to take place in her life. She moved, stretched, grew, shrank, and looked around desperately trying to see who she was. The biggest change came when she herself changed.

Bubbles pop, that is just their nature. Trying to keep a bubble in tact is an exhausting, fruitless endeavor that most often ends in disappointment of one kind or another. When her bubble popped she popped along with it. Gone were her ideals, beliefs, dreams, and securities. She tried to piece the bubble back together but realized quickly it would never happen. She mourned. She kicked against the bricks in her life, crying out in frustration, blame and guilt. Life’s not fair. Neither is death.

Two choices lay before her. She could spend her days sifting through the rubble of her broken bubble, trying to find meaning or solace, or she could open her eyes and see the wonders that surrounded her now that her walls were down. Choices are hard when consequences are unknown. Leaps of faith can sometimes crash on rocky beaches. But sometimes, those leaps can broaden horizons, expand our view and help us discover new worlds full of things we never imagined.

Burst your bubble. Step outside and see the world. Cause I said so. 


Photo credit: http://www.petapixel.com

One thought on “PoP

  1. This post makes my heart sing for you! Embracing change is never easy, but the life on the other side of change is always the one we are meant live. Love you!

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