Listen up


I had crazy dreams last night. Dreams full of school, mom, love, disappointment, heartache, books, and olives. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the Thrive dessert my daughter brought me had some ‘special’ ingredients in it. I also woke up way too early, not able to breathe. I love spring. My sinuses don’t.

I’ve had a hard time this break, mostly because I really have been on break I think. It’s the first time in ….years…..when I haven’t had homework of some kind to do. I’m a bit lost. In the past, even though I might not have been “at school”, I still had stuff to do. Make up work, do ahead work, or just keep my head above water work. I’m not in school anymore. Did you read that?? I’m NOT in school anymore! woo hoo!  (I’ll start my master’s this summer….) It took me a week out of the two weeks, to figure out I could get stuff done around the house.

If you are like me, when you decide to ‘clean a room’, it usually begins with rearranging the entire room and making an epic mess. Do you do that? It can be really annoying, especially when you don’t have time to finish the job in one day. Instead of getting a clean room, all your effort ends in a bigger mess, with a different view, from where you started.

Thus was the case with me. My room is a tad cleaner, but…not done. I did move my chair and shelves around. I can’t move my bed, any other position would put me in mortal peril according to the laws of Feng Shui….and I don’t dare mess with that!

One thing I did accomplish was to take a slew of pictures out of frames. I have had piles of framed pictures lying in various spots of my bedroom, closet, living room, dining room….etc….for a year now. (almost) I decided I just didn’t have wall space to hang them so, out they go! “When in doubt, throw it out!” (Usually serves me well…does not apply to children)

I went further and posted a ‘free frame event’ on my facebook and had neighbors walk over and relieve me of the empty frames. SOME of them.

I’m going to take this episode one step further and really get crazy. Before I lose, destroy, or damage the removed pictures, I am going to put them in albums today. I know, slow down girl! I haven’t scrapbooked in over a year so…it may be a challenge, but I’m up for it! Then, I’m going on vacation. I mean, seriously….I’ve earned it! Cause I said so.


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