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shovel in hole


This post brought to you by the letter T.

My top ten list of things I hate that start with the letter T.

1. Taxes. I work hard for most of my money. I don’t appreciate the government taking a bunch of it and spending it on Pie for the president and other no essential things. If you are going to take my money, please be more responsible. I don’t pay my kids for a job unless they do a good job….time to revoke the allowance to D.C.

2. Traffic. Driving isn’t my favorite thing in the world anyway, but when there are lines of cars in my way, making me to be late or to over use my brake lights….it just puts me in a bad mood. Maybe this is why I opted to live “out” a ways instead of in the middle of town. Less cars, less stress, and cleaner air.

3. Toothaches. I don’t like the dentist. It’s nothing personal, he is a great guy. I just don’t like people putting their hands in my mouth. This could have started with my younger sister and her fascination with anything anyone was eating. If you even pretended to chew, she would use her tiny fingers to pry your mouth open so she could see what was in there. I think I’m scarred….

4. Trash in my car. I’m not perfect, I drop a wrapper now and then, but I hate it when I look back and the back seat is covered with trash. Makes me feel like my new car is suddenly on it’s last leg. Time to trade it in!

5. Trouble, as in “car”. I remember too well all the times I had car trouble. The brightest memories are from Texas when we would drive from Dallas to Arlington at rush hour. Our poor car would overheat and we would be stuck sitting by the side of the road in the hot, wet, miserable summer evening, waiting for the cars to disperse so we could try again. I cringe everytime I see someone with car trouble. I want to stop and help them! But then, I think, they are probably going to murder me if I do and frankly, I know nothing about cars except where to put the key, gas, and cd.

6. Telling my kids, or anyone no. I really like to say yes. I like to help, to be the hero, to do more than it seems I am able. I like to be involved and do everything! This can be a blessing and a curse. See number 7.

7. Times when I fail. Being the kind of person that hates to say no means I tend to overbook and overschedule myself. This is a great breeding ground for failure. It really isn’t possible to do it ALL. (but I’m still trying!)

8. Teenagers……that refuse to see their potential. You know teen had to be on here somewhere. I love teens, it just makes me so frustrated when they keep doing stupid things. The teens I know are amazing and capable of so much awesomeness…..snap out of it!!

9. Tests. Not the kind you think tho. I actually love taking tests for school and such that let me show what I know. I hate the tests people put you through without you knowing. Testing your friendship, love, devotion, etc. What they are really doing is trying to manipulate and control you. Do I sound bitter? Maybe a titch. I am who I am. Deal.

10. Totaling my budget. For some reason, it stresses me out to write down my budge and look at it. It irritates me to know that I pay so much for things I just have to have. Cell phone bills, exterminators, insurance…..arg! Feels like such a waste of money! That is, until I step on a scorpion, fall into a big hole, need to call for help on my cell phone, and end up at the hospital. Then, then I feel like it was worth it……cause I said so.


Photo credit: http://www.poetry.rapgenius.com

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