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I’m thinking of starting a new hobby. It’s about time I did something with all that time on my hands….(dramatic pause.) I’ve had a lot of hobbies in my life. Scrapbooking, stamping, sewing, painting, drawing, raising children, being a wife, cooking, canning, chasing cars, chasing boys…the list goes on. This time, I thought I would really branch out and do something that would not only improve ME but also the world and people around me.

I read a book a while ago (years) that really inspired me. It is called The Book Of Lost Things. It is a bit of a fractured fairy tale book. There are characters in there that you might think you know, but you never knew them this way. The book is fun, creative, and a bit disturbing. In this book, one of the characters (Red Riding Hood) is more of a scientist than a naive young girl that strays off the path. She takes different animals and fuses them together to ‘improve’ them.

I’m thinking this would be a great hobby to do with people. There are so many people out there with really great characteristics that are flawed by one or two things that make them complete jerks. What if we could take the good things or things we like from different people and meld them together into one really great person? Think of Legos. Interchangeable pieces.

Of course, there is the drawback that someone would want to modify me in return. Keep my long hair and sense of humor but add the ability to commit and better time management skills. I might be able to live with that….

I guess we are all just the way we are supposed to be. The challenge is being able to put up with others and their quirks as well as our own. Sigh. Seems like a lot of effort. I think my time might be better used in the laboratory. Could someone send me a vial of Ryan Reynolds and a dash of Bradley Cooper? Just for their….brain power….I’m, uh, working on a project. Cause I said so.

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