Night’s tail



The first time I watched the movie “A Knight’s Tale,” I fell in love. There was something magical about the way the peasants banged out Queen’s “We Will Rock You” with their flagons. My attention was captured. The rest of the movie was just as wonderful. Ah Chaucer…..

The really profound part of the movies is towards the end, when the ‘bad guy’ is on his back looking up into the faces of our heroes. They tell him he has been weighed, measured, and found wanting. I don’t want to spoil the movie for the three remaining people that haven’t seen it, but….it’s pretty awesome. And Ironic.

Today, I felt as thought I was the guy(gal) on the ground, looking up into certain face(s). After all is said and done, I am the one that is lacking, wanting, not enough. It isn’t a great feeling. I mean, it’s a great feeling in the movie, cuz you don’t like the bad guy, but…I like me. I think I’m pretty great. I mean, I’ve known me my entire life, grew up with me, and I’ve been friends with me for….well, too many years to count. I know I can be annoying, confusing, irritating, and at times a brat, but other than that…I can stand me. I may not spend a lot of time on things, be anal, watch for detail, or floss regularly, but I do try my best.

I think the problem is the darn scale. I may be ‘lacking’ in a lot of little ways, but the fact is I do a lot of stuff. So, instead of putting a penny on each scale, let’s dump them all on one scale and see how that weighs in. I’m pretty sure I’ll be off the charts. Maybe even weigh in as a heavy-weight….cause I said so.


I’m so freakin excited I found this picture here: …I can’t feel my hands!

2 thoughts on “Night’s tail

  1. But, Beckie, the “scale” of ‘others’ doesn’t matter. You know what does matter. Your kids and family know you and love you, and you know that when you’re alone you’re in good company. You’re not down for the count, you’re just resting, and gaining energy for the next challenge. You can DO IT!

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