Nose you don’t

I am hearing voices in my head. Voices that tell me to do things I shouldn’t do. Things like…take a nap, eat chocolate, take a walk in the woods….I can’t do those things! I am on my writers retreat and I need to work!


Writing is my passion, my escape, my happy place. I miss it when I don’t get to do it much. During the past year, school has been all time consuming. just ask my kids. Now that I’m done for a few months, I really want to dive into my novel again.

I’ve gotten a lot done this weekend so far… children’s book is ready for the agent. It was requested in February, but I just didn’t have the time to polish it up until now. I didn’t want to send it til it was ready.

My novel has also been requested, but it isn’t even finished. I need to put a lot of polish on it. I still have a few characters that are not playing nice. They may be the ones that are seducing me into the woods or onto my cot. Maybe they aren’t ready for the lime light yet.

I can understand that, I need my privacy too. I like to hide sometimes and just curl up in a ball. One of my kids’ favorite books from years ago is called “Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball.” It’s about a wombat that likes to do lots of different things like run fast, jump, climb, and curl in a ball. “Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball, so no one can see me, because I’m so small…..” I’m pretty sure I can’t curl up that small, but sometimes it would be fun to just disappear like that.

That is a bit what my retreat is like. I go off the grid for the most part. Thank goodness my kids are old enough to function without me. for the most part.

Time to get back to luring my characters out. The may hide, but deep down, just like me, they do want to be found. I know…cause I said so.

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