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I am not a poet. I know it. I used to think I was a poet, back when I was in my naive teen years. I would write song lyrics and even some music at times. It was trite, cliche, and typically teen. I read it now and wonder who that person was that wrote it. And why I didn’t keep it up.

April is National Poetry month and I was challenged to put some unique like poetry on my blog so….I wrote this “poem” in honor of tomorrow. Some of you know what tomorrow is and what significance it has to me. Some of you don’t. Let’s just say…four years ago my life changed drastically. Unfortunately, it didn’t make me a better poet. Regardless, I am sharing this poem because I have no illusions that anyone cares enough to criticize it. Feel free to comment tho, it makes me feel like I am alive in the world.

Here it is…..


Four years


Four years can be a lifetime

Eyes bright open, seeing the wonder

Learning to live, to learn, to dream

Four years is a time to play.


Four years can be a lifetime

Friends, clubs, high school dances

What will you be, who will you know

Four years to find your way.


Four years can be a lifetime

Classes, crushes, running out of gas,

Walking for miles, living on loans,

Four years will do they say.


Four years can be a lifetime

Finding true love, moving out alone

Building a life, two become one

Four years never thinking to stray.


Four years can be a lifetime

Baby giggles, staying up late

Walking to everywhere, saving for more

Four years can make you pray


Four years can be a lifetime

Jobs, moves, learning to stretch

Learning to roll and to bend and to fold

Four years to count blessings, every day


Four years can be a lifetime

Leading, guiding, sharing the light

Hoping our sacrifice comes back to save

Four years can be a joyful foray


Four years can be a lifetime

Looking for answers to questions unasked

Feeling the void, the quiet, the still.

Wishing for just one year more

Four years can be too long to be brave.


By Beckie    Cause I said so.


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4 thoughts on “Noit poet

  1. I know what today is. Your poem is touching, creative, indicitive of times- past, passed, spent, lost, gained, wished for, now, and coming. All of the times are and will be part of you and you part of them. You are uniquely owner of and witness to them all. Peace, My child! I love you.

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