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Well, here I am. I am staying at the same hotel where I once attended prom. Many, many years ago in that previous life. Why do people think prom is such a big deal? Seriously, all it is (was) is an over priced, lame excuse for a life-changing dance. If you don’t go to prom you will be an outcast forever, end up alone, living in a rusted trailer in Oklahoma…or worse….Winslow. But if you go?? Oh, the riches of the kingdom will be yours! You will marry Matt Damon, have perfect children, never have another zit and be able to fit into those tight high school jeans until you are 80. Not.

I did go to prom, as I said earlier, and I’m not even dating Matt Damon. (I’m waiting….email me!) Prom was an epic, I repeat…EPIC waste of my time. First of all, when I went to prom, in my Junior year of high school, I was lame. Yes, I know I’ve said it before but I was completely lame. I also had absolutely no sense of style. I got money from my grandmother to buy a prom dress and instead I bought a wedding dress. I don’t think I realized it at the time, but yes, it was a wedding dress. Big, WHITE, foofy, long and ridiculous. My date was my on and off boyfriend throughout high school and he was lame too in his baby blue tux so, maybe it wasn’t all my fault? Anyway, I looked like the blazing poster child for “virgin wanting sex at prom and no way gonna get it.” At least that is how I see it now. That is not how I felt at the time of course….(my mom reads this).  I honestly think I  believed I was gonna rock that dress. It might have been because it was sleeveless and mom NEVER let me wear sleeveless things, or maybe….heck I’m at a loss as to what I thought.

Prom was just stupid. We paid all this money for clothes, tickets, and a rented town car (also white) and ended up dancing a few dances and leaving. We did go for a nice dinner before hand but….I don’t remember that so it must have been lame too. Now, here I am….at the palace of dreams….and I’m wondering if my life has come full circle. Maybe, this time I will have a life changing experience. Maybe the agent(s) I meet with to pitch my book will fly across the room and grovel at my feet for the privilege, nah, honor of publishing my books. Maybe I will win all the BOB(Beginning of book) contests and be crowned ‘Writer Queen’ at the Protagonist ball tomorrow night. Maybe…Matt Damon will show up and sweep me off my feet…..nah, I’d rather have Bradley Cooper. Sorry Matt, I’m SO over you….cause I said so.


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3 thoughts on “IM prom ptu

  1. You’re so funny! I loved my prom, from what I could see of it. I wore glasses, but I didn’t want to be seen in them during my prom, so I left them at home. Yes, it was a silly thing to do.

  2. I loved this! Funny how the “times” of our lives that we expect to be earth-shatteringly memorable turn out to be a dull thud in the memory banks of time. I have to say here, that you looked beautiful. I don’t think it was really a wedding dress.At any rate, thank heaven you developed your own style! You certainly never got any style from your mom.


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