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I couldn’t get any homework done today. I came home from work early to do it and ended up holding my grandson. Who could blame me? I was seduced by his incredibly cute dimples. I loved every minute of it. He even fell asleep on my lap, pinning me to the spot far from my homework supplies. Sigh…killed by cuteness.

When my services were no longer needed by Teddy, i.e. he got hungry, I did go into the den of books and try to do a bit of studying. I failed. My eyes were suddenly as heavy as sandbags in a wading pool. I could not keep them open. I decided it was fruitless to try so, I went and laid down on my bed. It would have been perfect had it not been for a strange scratching sound coming from the kitchen that woke me up every time my eyes shut. I can’t complain….the scratching is producing a wonderful backsplash in my kitchen, but still….no sleep.

I finally got up and went back out to the land of the living and tried again. It just wasn’t going to happen today. Every time I tried to read a riveting article on the different ways to teach mathnlkd,………zz.zzzzzzzz  oops, happened again. I’m afraid I’m doomed!

I wish I had a buddy that was taking this class with me that I could study with. Misery loves company, and it is easier to learn something when you can talk about it. When ever I try to talk to my kids about school, they end up in comas. The doctor bills are getting high. I would talk to a friend, but guess what? I don’t have any. It kind of sucks.

Being married for almost twenty years really has an impact on your friend ‘bank.’ Brad was my best friend. He talked to me a lot. Sometimes, as I have said, too much. I didn’t need other friends much because I had him. I had friends wherever we lived, but…they were casual and now they are far away doing their own thing. It usually doesn’t bother me, but sometimes, when I”m feeling like I just want to run away from homework and just do something or hang out, I notice the lack of others in my life.

I’m not really whining, not really. When I think about it logically, I don’t have any time for friends. I really am busy with kids, home, work and school. If I have extra time I should really address the pile of potting soil the cats dumped behind the table last week. Besides, what would I do? I’m not the ‘go to the bar and hang out’ kind of gal….I really haven’t a clue. So, I retreat to my room, run a hot bath that gets cold way to fast, turn off my phone (why??), and watch three episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.” They might not be ‘real’ people, but they can be my friends for now….cause I said so.



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