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I just finished a lovely weekend full of family, fun, and fricken homework. Seriously, it was out of control. I’m pretty sure all my professors got together and decided to see if they could give me enough work to send me over the edge of sanity. Well profs, I have news. Jokes on you, cuz I left the land of sanity a long time ago.

Regardless of their evil plan to crush my brain, I finished my homework. In fact, due to my knack for speed reading and skimming over all the ‘fluff’ in ‘stuff’ I managed to get ahead in one class. I know, I won’t let it go to my head. I shall persevere and keep working my butt off to keep my head afloat in these classes.

Computers are great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I wish I had more hands-on stuff. With my classes, everything is online except for a few text books. It  is a bit hard for me to keep track of assignments and things when I have to flip back and forth between computer screen pages. I tend to get projects jumbled in my already quite cluttered brain, lose my focus, and find myself waking up in a pool of drool on my desk top. I guess it’s a good thing I shut the door to my office or I’d be plastered all over the Internet via my loving children’s cell phone cameras. Although, I don’t normally take good pictures so, maybe those would work out…I mean, without me trying to look good and all. Interesting thought.

Well, I’m going to attempt to go to sleep for a few hours before I make an early morning run to the cesspool we call WallyWorld. I hate that place….but darn it all, they are always open and they are cheap. Damn! I’ve been lured in by their seductive pricing and store hours. I’ve got to stop being so easy…..cause I said so.


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