dough be dough be dough



Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorite musicals. Brad and I used to watch it at least once every three years or so….it is too long but full of awesome music, lessons, and Russian Dancers. I love Russian dancers. I used to want to be able to dance like that but then I realized if I were actually able to do those squatty dances my thigh muscles would be busting out of my jeans and I would look like one freaky woman. Besides, I’m way too lazy to ever train hard and long enough to master the Russian squatty dance. I will just continue to watch in adoration as others do it.

I’m pretty sure that people that have bodies that do amazing things like the above mentioned Russians, do not eat the kind of junk I ate today. I attempted to start a new family tradition, modeled after my friend Tiffany and her family. I was bemoaning to her how I have the good intentions every year to make cookies for my neighbors and have failed for….ever. She told me that in her family, the women get together and bake all day while the men golf. When I mentioned the idea to my sisters, they were totally on board. We all gathered at my house and made piles of cookies, chocolates, and breads. I was able to deliver several plates of goodies to lucky friends and neighbors and only ate a small pile of it all myself. It would not have been half as bad if I hadn’t ordered pizza for us all too. Seriously, I was in the kitchen for hours….the last thing I wanted to do was cook.

All in all, I think the new tradition of a ‘baking fun day’ was a hit and will be continuing in the coming years. I must say that the whole event has inspired me in several ways. First of all, next year I will be more organized and have a list of who I want to deliver to. This year, we made stuff til we were done and filled plates til they were full and delivered til it was gone. No real game plan.  Next year I also think I might have a small salad bar instead of pizza. In the mean time, I will be changing my request to Santa. Instead of asking him to bring me a Kindle, I am going to ask him to please take the five pounds I gained today and donate them to an underfed person that might be shivering somewhere. I’m all about giving back this year. Really Santa, I have more than I need…..cause I said so.


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