times that bind



I never understood thongs. Not the flip flop on your feet kind, the underwear kind that women purposely torture themselves with. I spent my childhood trying to get rid of ‘snuggies’ only to have the opportunity to buy them four for twenty at Victoria’s Secret. Makes no sense to me. And honestly, not that I’ve actually seen everyone myself, but I don’t believe anyone looks good in one. They are just sick.

Thongs aren’t the only thing some of us put up with by choice. Women in general do all kinds of painful, nasty things in the name of beauty. We may cringe when we watch the crazy things Julia Roberts endures in the movie Mirror, Mirror….but are we really far off from doing that ourselves? True, our beauty ‘regime’ comes in pretty little packages that we display on our bathroom shelves, but….what’s in them? Could be parrot poop for all we know.

Putting ourselves through uncomfortable, unpleasant, and sometimes smelly things must just be part of the journey to where we are going. I can think of many things in my life that I would rather not have to deal with. I don’t mean dishes and smelly laundry today, I’m talking more about situations where my heart breaks or worse, I break someone else’s heart. As Genie says, “It’s not pretty! I don’t like doing it!” Sometimes though, there just isn’t another choice. Sometimes, you have to wipe the parrot poop on your face if you want to have pretty skin. Sometimes, you have to cut your tummy open to get that baby out. Sometimes, you have to break hearts….so they can heal and grow back stronger and maybe even bigger and better. Sometimes, you have to give yourself a wedgie….cause I said so.


Photo credit:http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02385/sumo_2385343b.jpg

3 thoughts on “times that bind

  1. one of my favorite posts so far. not because I’m exactly fond of thing as, but because you’re so right. the dirty work sucks, but the meanest bees make the sweetest honey…and I just discovered my new kindle(thanks mom) has Swype-!!! I live you, and that is one of the reasons you are an amazing mother…because you do the dirty work for us. so in return, I’ll do the dirtiest job ever in existence…clean your…wait for it…bathroom!! yes, I’ve been watching how I met your mother.

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