Watch it you……


Memories are funny things. Most of the time, I am resigned to the fact that I have very little memory of my past life. I know I was there, but I didn’t take good notes. Much of my life has been forgotten. It stinks even worse now that Brad isn’t here, because I was counting on him to remember stuff for me. Darn him….

I know that I ‘remember’ stuff, it is all stored in my head somewhere. I think I have just forgotten the password to access the majority of my memories.

Sometimes, when I least expect it, something will trigger a memory that I had forgotten. The dusty old movie projector in my head will chug to life and sputter images from long ago onto the tattered screen of my mind.

I was talking to a friend today and they mentioned a turtle. Maybe it is because of the strangeness of ever actually mentioning a turtle, unless your name is Katie, that triggered this memory for me. I don’t know.

It isn’t a big deal kind of memory, but I will share it anyway in hopes that it will find confidence in the light and bring it’s friends and I’ll have lots of memories some day.

I was on my way to a card making night with my friends in Florida. I was most likely running late, cuz that’s how I roll. I stopped at a gas station on the way, cuz I was most likely out of gas….and I pulled up next to an old red truck. In the back of the truck was a big metal cage. We were in Florida, so….you never know what one has in one’s big metal cage in the back of one’s truck. I carefully peeked over the side of the truck into the cage and saw that there was not a crocodile, alligator, wild boar, or mad dog. Instead, there was a good-sized turtle. Relief washed over me. Yay! A nice family pet that would not eat my face if I got too close to it. (You never know in Florida….) As I turned to walk away, the man that drove the truck came towards me.

“That’s a cool looking turtle.” I said to him in my friendly voice.  He smiled, “Thanks! We’re gonna take it home, flip it over, and make soup out of it, right in it’s own shell!”

Sigh….you just never know in Florida….cause I said so. (“bless their hearts”)

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