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I’m not the best traveler in the world. I don’t mind flying, but the trademark ‘road trip’ does not fill me with excitement. It most likely stems from my childhood. We didn’t travel much. In fact, I can count the trips we took on one hand and still have enough fingers left to salute Spock. I think a big reason we stayed home was that it was expensive to travel. We also didn’t really have any ‘destinations’ that we were dying to go to. The one trip we took was to Colorado to visit some friends that had moved. It was epic. There was snow.

Since we lived in a small, po-dunk town for most of my younger years, the miles we spent in the car were few until we headed to the ‘valley’ of Mesa to do whatever it is we did. I think it was shopping, or something. Those trips don’t count as traveling to me. They would be more suited filed under the torture tab. We would all cram into the back of whatever running car we had at the time and try to 1. make our own ‘spot’, 2. be in the path of the heater/air conditioner and 3. try to sleep through the ordeal. We all got car sick. It was beyond pathetic. Our travel diet consisted of Dramamine, 7UP, and whatever salty cracker, chip, pretzel, we could stomach. We started eating and drinking the moment the ignition turned and we didn’t stop until we either threw up or arrived at our destination.

It wasn’t until I was much, much older that I discovered different motion sickness pills that allowed me to stay awake while we drove. I could actually read a book or do a puzzle without hanging my head out the window after. It was amazing.

We took Teddy on his first ‘road trip’ tonight. We only went to Tucson, but it was a good test. So far, he seems to have avoided the sick genes from my side of the family. He dutifully slept all the way there and all the way back. I was afraid he would cry the entire time and we would be forced to run into the nearest cement teepee to put ourselves out of misery, but thankfully, that was not necessary.

Babies are wonderful. They come with no instructions and no expectations. Teddy is a joy to have in our family. Everything he does is adorable, or ‘Theodorable’, even pooping. His mommy is doing fantastic. She has found that inner strength that comes only through weeks of constant nursing and zero sleep. She is enthralled with her little man. I hope she enjoys every minute of it. Like it or not, soon enough her little angel will turn into a teenage boy with a mind of his own and a real skill for driving mom to the edge of sanity. I’m not about to break that news to her yet…..cause I said so.


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