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I’ve heard that the Twilight world was inspired by a dream Stephanie Meyers had years ago. It was so vivid she woke up and started writing it down. When she had about three hundred pages, her sister read it and told her she needed to publish it. The rest is history I suppose.

My dreams are not so very earth shatttering. I remember having a dream when I was fifteen where I saw my future husband. True enough. When I later saw my then boyfriend in the same angle as my dream, I knew it was him. That was kind of cool. But it didn’t inspire a million dollar business venture.

My dreams can be very vivid or kind of like old Lassie episodes. Not much going on, same ol same ol, and Timmy always gets out of the well. Last night, my dream was very realistic and lasting. One of those dreams that just keeps going and morphing and seeming possible. I dreampt that my daughter was going to have another baby. The baby she just had was still the age it is, but the doctor told her that sometimes things like this happen. There is another baby in there, a ‘laggin twin’ that is born months after the first one. (insert highly skeptical face here) When she started feeling contractions, we rushed to the hospital. The first ‘twin’ had come so fast, we were sure this one would just shoot out. Alas, she ended up being in the hospital for days. She took twin one with her of course. (?) It was weird. I stayed in a house across the street so I could keep an eye on the hospital. The house was small, but the thing I remember most was that the curtains were made out of light terry cloth. wth? They kept pulling out of the curtain hooks.

Why do I have dreams like this? I spent a good portion of the dream fighting with the curtains to stay on their hooks. My grandson was a wiry toddler before my daughter finally gave birth to twin two. We checked her out of the hospital now and then to go on field trips and then she would go back and labor some more. Sounds like a nightmare in some ways now that I think of it.

My boyfriend from high school was very much into dream interpretations. I wonder if there is a hidden meaning in my dream. I know that it is hard to be at work all day, now that my grandson is here. I was able to be home with all my kids when they were small. I’m missing out a bit with him. I also have fears about my daughter moving out and not getting to see the little man grow up. I’m sure she will some day, but….I sure like having her here.  As for the terry cloth curtains, that one is weird. I’m not a huge terry cloth fan…other than in robe form. I don’t have curtains in my house, really, and I like it that way.

Maybe what my dream is telling me is that I need to get more sleep. I need to give my subconscious more time to come up with something amazing. I wonder if S. Meyers got a lot of sleep when she received her dream, or was she just catching a few and it happened.

I guess dreams are what you make them. Million dollar ideas or weird stuff that haunts and confuses you throughout the day.  You can spend time and energy turning them into some mystical message from the universe, or you can chalk them up to fatigue and lasting desires from the day. I personally would like to just wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the challenges of the day….well, and make a couple million off my sleep….cause I said so.


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