two coals



I love it when my kids tell me the stuff they learn at school. It gives me hope for not only their future, but also for mine as a teacher. If MY kids can retain something, then….well, my kids are extremely smart so, never mind.

Sarah told me a bit about what she learned about Africa this week. She told me that in Africa parents don’t teach their children much. Instead of telling them do this, and don’t do that, they let them learn on their own. There is something to be said for that I suppose. She told me that one girl was called “Two-Coals” because it took her touching hot coals two times before she learned they were hot.

I wonder what My name would be if I was named by how or what I learned. Maybe it would be headless chicken or fire-outer. It seems I am constantly running about fixing things or trying to get things done. I was so surprised, excited and bewildered this weekend that I had all my homework done early. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I kept going online and looking again to make sure I was really done.

Monday night, I again looked at my classes….and this time my grades. I noticed a zero where a 50 should be on my point scale. What the…….? I looked closer and realized I had missed my very first assignment in my literature class. ME. Missing a chance to write. Yeah, I don’t get it! Anyway, after the initial panic subsided a titch, I emailed my professor and BEGGED to be allowed to turn in that assignment late. I put heavy hints between all the lines to let me get full points….we shall see…..

Lucky me, she said I could still turn it it. Lucky me, I can crank out four pages of nonsense in only a couple hours. Lucky me, my mom is up late and can sift through the crap and tell me if I should dump it or gloss it. Lucky me….she said it wasn’t complete crap.

Let’s all hope I am lucky tomorrow when my professor reads my paper. I really need an A in these classes so I can take more than two at a time. Um…is that a good idea? Heck yeah! Headless chickens can put out all kinds of fires when they are on task…..cause I said so!


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