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My cat is the perfect man. He is single, he is warm and fuzzy, he purrs, he doesn’t ask for anything more than an occasional scratch behind the ears and some kibble in his bowl. Sorry ladies, he’s all mine.

I’ve always been a cat person. Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs too, especially my dog, but there is something about a cat crawling onto my lap and purring when I’m in a bad mood that calms the raging storm like nothing else. Today the raging storm is a head ache courtesy of In and Out Burger. I can’t totally blame them, I mean, I did go there and buy a burger and drink of my own free will and choice. Nobody drug me there and made me fork out money for food and then shoved it down my throat. Nope, it’s all my own fault.

As far as fast food goes, I think In and Out is among the better. The lesser of many evils. The evil that is killing me is due to the lemonade I consumed. I swear I heard the options as “Pink lemonade or Light lemonade” over the little speaker box. I do not like putting poison like Nutrasweet into my body so I went with Pink. In the past, when ingesting things with Nutrasweet, I would instantly get a raging headache. This was kind of like shock therapy for me. It didn’t take long to figure out that anything with Nutrasweet was not worth the pain it would cause later. I avoid it.

Apparently, pink lemonade at In and Out has nutrasweet in it, or I was hit in the head with a cinderblock while driving home. The good new is, if I was hit with a block, I still made it home alive and I don’t have any bumps or scars to show for it. The bad news is, I won’t be going to In and Out for a while. Of course…..that may be good news too….cause I said so.


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