balls balls balls

I officially started my new job today. I am an instructional aid at the new elementary charter school around the corner from my house. I work there because…..actually, I’m not sure why. It could be because I really want to be in the classroom to help me decide if I want to continue my education degree, or it could be because I need to earn money to send my son on his mission (I’m paying half, him the other half). It could be because I need to make up the difference in my government income because I got married, or it could be because the school is within walking distance and they said they wanted me to work there. I’m a pleaser.

I really like the school and the principal. She likes me so, what is there not to like? I get to work with k, 1, 3,  and 5 in language arts. Ya’ll know I love that there stuff.

Today was just a crazy ‘where do I go’ day for both students and staff. It went amazingly well, in spite of the fact that I forgot my lunch, water bottle, hat, sunglasses, and that standing in the AZ sun for more than 52 seconds in July can kill a grown man. I honestly didn’t even THINK about the possibility of getting a sunburn til I was at Ross looking for COOL shirts and noticed I was beet red. Duh.

I love working with the kids though. They remind me of when my kids were smaller and actually listened to me and kind of liked me. Sigh…the good old days….One of my absolute favorite moments today came during lunch hour. I was wandering around helping kids open their fruit and jello cups and slicing open go-gurt when a boy at the table in front of me took a drink of his milk. He made a horrendous face so I had to ask him what was wrong.

“This milk tastes like soccer balls!”

I have to admit I was almost tempted to try the milk. I mean, seriously, soccer balls? What do they taste like? I love the smell of new beach balls but I’ve never tasted them…maybe soccer balls taste good? Of course, the next thing that went through my mind was…’how does this kid know what soccer balls taste like?’ Is he in the habit of licking a good soccer ball on game day? Or has he been the victim of a soccer ball to the face one too many times?

I am sure that questions like this will continue to present themselves to me every day. Kids are awesome fodder for not only deep thinking but uncontrolled laughter. I felt bad, a bit, that the child didn’t like his milk, but I admit I might have laughed out loud just a titch at his choice of wordage.

Nevertheless…I think I will bring my own lunch tomorrow. Just in case I get hungry and can’t withstand the temptation to eat a school lunch. I have a feeling ‘soccer ball milk’ would go right to my hips…..cause I said so.



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