muddle puddle

A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightning. (James Dickey)

It rained today. I know….it isn’t earth shattering, like being hit by a meteorite or anything, but having rain here in the Arizona desert is a pretty big deal. It has been so hot and dry and…desert-y that the rain was like an instant holiday, pouring from the sky. Even though it was Sunday, Brian, Ethan  and Ben went down to the corner part and went boogie-board-surfing in the the water. It doesn’t take much to make a big puddle here. The streets were flooded heading into Queen Creek.

I love the rain. I have to be careful what I do on rainy days because rain makes everything look, smell, and feel better. One might think that living in Florida for 5 years and dealing with the daily 2:35pm rain would have lessened the novelty of rain but it didn’t. I’m guessing that the first thirty years of my life being bone dry might have something to do with it.

My daughter said the funniest thing about rain the last time it rained. Rain was coming down really hard…it was more than sheets or blankets of rain, it was comforters of rain. She makes me laugh.

I like to laugh. I need to laugh. Lately, I haven’t had much laughter in my life. It seems like even though the weather outside has been dry and miserable, I have been running through a sort of rainstorm, trying to dodge the droplets. And it isn’t a good rain storm. It seems the more I run and try to stay dry, the heavier the rainfall becomes and the wetter I get. I know I said I loved the rain, but not this kind of rain. I like the rain that is cool and makes you feel like snuggling up in a blanket in front of a tv to watch “Its a wonderful life”, or” Stranger than Fiction”. This rain, instead of cooling me off, makes me feel like my skin is crawling and I have to try and climb out of myself. I’m running, and searching, and hurrying….for something I cannot see.

I know, sounds frustrating, boring and not worthy of even reading. It’s okay, go back to Pinterest, or google pictures of herpes….anything is better than hearing someone have a pity party for themselves….cause I said so.

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4 thoughts on “muddle puddle

  1. It is better to talk it out than to keep it in…. The sun will come out tomorrow, but not TOO much sun, because you are in the desert! It is gonna get better, cause I said so. 🙂

  2. I love our AZ rain…that is until it floods out the streets to get home.. LOL

    that storm a few weeks ago locked us out of ours for the night. I posted some pictures. The road up to ours was a giant river.

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