it’s chewy



I am pretty sure I walked eight miles today. It wasn’t on purpose, no , not like a work out plan or anything like that. The walk I did today was all over downtown Salt Lake City. It was a walk that included only getting ‘lost’ once, and that wasn’t even all my fault. The rest was just a necessary blur that lingers in my right foot as it throbs.

This is my yearly jaunt to Utah for the Stampin’ Up! convention. I have been coming to convention almost every year for the past 16 years. Some times I wonder why I go. It costs a lot of money, I know what I need to do to make my business stellar, and I can see great ideas online. But still I go.

The scene has changed over my many years as a demonstrator. Top sellers come and go, creative ideas that were once new and oh so amazing fade into the past like sixties shag carpet, only to be reinvented in a creative new way.

The faces change, the images change, the focus changes, but one thing remains the same. Stampers are the best kind of people. I can’t think of any other ‘business’ that could/would have a big convention where 3500 women come together to share how they do what they do.

I was thinking just today that even though we are all our own business ‘owners’, and somewhat in competition with each other….it never feels that way. It could be because I am a huge slacker, but I don’t think so. Even though there are people that work this business for the money (they say) I think what it really comes down to is a love of sharing and creating. The money is a nice bonus, but seeing a new stamper create her first card is priceless. Seeing people compliment each other for their ‘super cute idea’ makes me warm inside.

I remember a convention years ago when Belinda Ellsworth came to speak as our keynote speaker. She encouraged us all to cheer for everyone that got an award. Even if we were jealous or thought it wasn’t a big deal….the accomplishment that person made just might be the only thing they had ever excelled at. No matter how big or small it was.

I have always remembered that and tried to see people that way as they get their awards. Yay for them! I love being part of a company that can make anybody a star.

Maybe, just maybe, I will shine a bit this year. I have the know how, the tools and the desire to go on that cruise again….all I need now is the time. I think I saw a sale on clones at the new mall……think I’ll check there first. cause I said so.










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