This is your brain

Do you remember those commercials from the 80’s? The anti drug commercials that showed a persons brain on drugs as an egg frying on the sidewalk in Arizona in July? Okay, maybe it wasn’t on the Arizona sidewalk, but it totally could have been. Honestly, it is hot out there.

The weather affects not only my physical comfort but also my mental state. When it is hot outside I am less likely to be friendly or to return my shopping cart to the store front. I will push it barely out of the way of my car and sprint for the inner air conditioning of my Honda.

I hate shoes, at least wearing them, unless they are strappy and fantastic. But in the summer, all those cute openings on my sandals are just ways for the sun to cook me even more. I think it might be safer in a way to wear fully covered lace up shoes in the summer, except that I would die of heat. There is no happy middle ground here.

I think most people are the same as me. Nobody enjoys the summer in Arizona. Everyone is a bit short tempered and ready to just ‘get home damn it!’

Going to Chick file today brought a welcome surprise to my sweltering day. I was only going to get a lemonade to keep myself from dying behind the wheel as I drove home from Sam’s club, but ended up getting fries and chicken too, and having a very nice talk with the young man at the window. He was, in a word, charming.

I had almost given up on the idea that there was any place in the world(country) that even cared about good customer service. Chick file must have somehow gotten wind of my dispair and stepped it up in their training. This guy was great.

It doesn’t take much….just speaking clear ENGLISH, getting my order right, looking in my face when talking to me, and making some small talk. Seriously, if more places were actually pleasant to deal with, I might eat out more. wo wo wo! Wait a minute! That would mean I would get fat. Okay, I retract it all. Keep on being jerks everyone…..for my sake…..Chick file is far away anyway…I’ll be careful, cause I said so.


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