chilled brains


I think it’s funny that the ‘typical’ scary story starts with something like,…”It was a dark and stormy night…” when my scary times happen in bright sunlight. I guess I never really enjoy being one of the teeming masses, doing the same thing as everyone else, still… has to wonder.

“It was a bright and sunny afternoon…..the wind was just picking up the last of the dust from the afternoon desert and blowing it softly into the faces of the stalwart students heading to their extremely condensed summer courses at the local college. Most of them had finished their homework from the previous class and were eagerly looking forward to the ‘quiz’ that was awaiting them behind the closed door. As they entered the sterile, chilled math room, only one of them gasped in despair as the teacher passed out the paper that would make her brain slowly ooze from her left ear.  This wasn’t just math, oh no….this was a cruel and evil joke. Forty five minutes of pure hell stretched into an eternity as she wracked her brain….trying desperately to remember which formula to use to calculate the interest on a home loan at 5.1% for 25 years with a 10% down payment. By the time she finally made her way through the mazes of insanity to the last question, it was too late. She lay dead at her desk. If only she had studied this weekend instead of working out. She always knew exercise would kill her…and it had. In a round about sort of way…….cause I said so.



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3 thoughts on “chilled brains

  1. Oh, how tragic…not the death…the time wasted on math if death was inevitable…I say if we’re going out…toss the math (and the mythology!) Let us run and be free!!!!!!!

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