I really stink at names. I mean, I can call you a name, no problem, but the chance that it is the ‘right name’ is not so great. I don’t know why I am so bad at that but it is annoying.

I remember one day when I was in Sam’s club in Alabama…or California….or somewhere…anyway, I was in a Sam’s club with my husband….or was it my kids? I forget. The point is, I was in the store and a woman came up to me and said hello, called me by name, and then smiled and walked away. I KNEW this person’s face. I could NOT for the life of me remember who she was though. This incident haunted me for months. It drove me crazy wondering who this person was. I never did figure it out but a that point I made the official realization that I stink at names.

I’ve tried different tricks to help me remember a person’s name. You know the games….think of a vegetable that goes with their name that will help you remember them. Make up a little rhyme to remember their name. Repeat their name back to them and then in your head to solidify the name. None of these things work for me.  It isn’t just the ‘meet me once and forget my name’ kind of thing either. I have had the same 12 kids in my primary class at church every year now for six months and I still can’t remember all the boys names right.

I know a lot of people have bad memories but the weird thing is that I can remember other things. I can remember the

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