thunder thighs


I took my boys to SunSplash today. We had planned to go since yesterday but it still took us until after 2pm to get our acts together and out the door. It wasn’t like we were sitting around wasting time all morning…..only part of it. I managed to go to a step class at the gym (which kicked my butt), pick up my chicken shipment (love Zaycon!), can 45 jars of chicken and take a nap on the couch. My kids managed to clean their rooms (kind of) and watch way too much Drake and Josh (yay).

Even though I purchased season passes for the kids, I really wanted to go this week. There are several schools in the area that are still in session this week so I thought the lines might not be too horrendous. Besides, the weather is still freakishly nice so….take advantage of that!

We had a great time going down the crazy twisty slides, playing in the wave pool and jumping off the side of the deep pool. Ben actually wanted to just be in the water more than he wanted to go down the slides. I think he was feeling a bit….blocked….and didn’t want to get his system too excited. I managed to lay out a bit while they just splashed around in the big pool. All in all, it was a really nice day and no one even got sunburned! (small miracle!)

I can’t help but notice what people wear (or don’t wear) when I’m at the water park. I was raised to always be modest, even at the pool or beach. My mother would have poked out her own eyes before she would have let me wear a tiny little bikini in a darkened cellar under a library in Montana, let alone out in public for the world to see. I wonder what kind of mothers these girls have that let them out in dental floss and a few eye patches. I also wonder where they got the self esteem they obviously have to put on such small items. I’ve never had that kind of confidence in how I look.

As I looked around today, I noticed all body types. It seems that most people are more interested in getting wet then they are in looking like a super model. I think it is great, especially since I don’t look like a super model either. I felt like I was just another carrot in the great stew pot of public swimming. It made me feel just a smidge more confident in myself too.

Another interesting thing I noticed about myself…don’t judge me…is that I didn’t really notice any guys. I know guys were probably prancing around the place flexing their pecs and trying to look all amazing and stuff…but honestly, I was too busy comparing myself to all the other girls/women there. Am I alone in this? Do all girls look at the girls more than the guys and try to justify their own love handles and flabby thighs and lack of make up? Before you get any weird ideas, I am definitely appreciative of the male species. But, I’m way more interesting in seeing that the girl that looks like a super model from a distance actually has stretch marks on her thighs, just like me…..cause I said so.



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4 thoughts on “thunder thighs

  1. “I felt like I was just another carrot in the great stew pot of public swimming. It made me feel just a smidge more confident in myself too.” Love this ….

  2. What’s funny about this is that few people bat an eye at a woman checking out another woman; I certainly couldn’t do that, and probably wouldn’t get away with checking out the guys, either. Not a whole lot of places for me to look then, when I go swimming! I’ve never been particularly bothered by appearance, and I’m not particularly attracted to typical ‘beauty’; still, I won’t deny a little thrill of pleasure to notice the ‘imperfections’ on someone who clearly thinks they’re pretty damn hot. Thunderthighs indeed! I bet you’re awesome.

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