don’t blink

I think I look pretty good for my age. I get that from my mom and my grandma. They have both aged well. My mom gets mistaken for my sister pretty often. She loves it….me? well….at least I’m not mistaken for her mother. That would be a bit of a downer. People are usually surprised when they hear my age and then hear that I also have six kids. For some reason, I don’t look old enough to have six children. I wonder if it is because I usually wear makeup and have my hair fixed. I think a lot of people may assume that mothers of six kids run around looking like a chicken without a head, or fixed hair. I do feel like that a lot, but I manage to put a good face on it most days.

Even though I may feel and supposedly look somewhat young, nothing changes my feelings like pictures of my hands. Marcy sent me the pictures (the best ones I assume) from our photo shoot yesterday. They turned out pretty good. I am happy with them. She did one picture of our hands together. I have to say….nothing makes me look older than my hands. Sometimes I feel like the mother with the daughter inside her on Freaky Friday…..”I’m the crypt keeper!” My hands definitely show my age. I’m sure it is mostly my fault since I don’t lotion very much. I don’t like to feel slimy and greasy and sticky. Most lotion makes me feel that way. You would have thought that the time I lived in Florida would have moistened me up for a while but my skin was actually drier there than here at times. That is where I started using lotion, finally, late in life. Regardless of my recent lotioning….the damage has been done.

When we went for our pedicures on Saturday, Q sat by me and watched every move the pedi-tician (?) did while doing my toes. She tested the water and checked out all the ‘tools’ and asked me lots of questions. One of the questions was about the cheese grater they used on the bottom of my heels. I told her it helped make my skin ‘baby bottom smooth.’ She smiled up at me and said, “you mean like mine?” Yes, dear….like yours. She still has that super sweet, soft skin of a little girl. I wonder if I ever really had skin like that…..

I joke with my parents that I raised them, since they had me when they were so young. At times I feel I still am raising them actually….but in a good way. I’m just taking credit for all the good stuff they do now. I wonder if my early maturing made my hands prematurely age? Is this something I can blame on my immature parents instead of my rebellion against lotion? I doubt it. I am not one of those people that spend time and energy blaming others (especially my parents) for the choices I have made. I figure, if I am going to blame someone else for all my mistakes, I would equally have to give someone else credit for all my achievements. I mean, it has to balance out somehow, right? I’d rather take credit for both, and hope I come out ahead on the achievement side of the scale. I guess I better stop taking credit for my parents good stuff or they will be happily giving me credit for their mistakes too. Darn it…thinking things through can really throw off a girls back patting.  Oh well, I think I’ll go lotion my hands…..cause I said so.

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5 thoughts on “don’t blink

  1. Hands are always the giveaway – you can almost always tell a person’s age, and a lot about their life, from them. I’m assuming the hands at the top aren’t yours!

  2. I am suffering from the same affliction. And forget the worry of beginning your lotion routine late. I have always lotioned regularly and my hands are looking far too aged in my opinion. Of course, there they are, right in my eyesight, all the time, reminding me just how old I am getting. Forget a face lift, do they do something for hands?

  3. Yes, Beckie, you did have baby skin. Your skin isn’t bad looking. Hands DO tell, and, yes, Michelle, they DO stuff for hands…pump them full of botox or some such thing…just to plump them up…right…I remembered seeing Andy Williams performing some years ago, and thinking how young he still looked… then I saw his hands…dead giveaway…
    Someone tole me once that I’d never have “Beautiful Hands” because I had worker hands, and they reflected the work I was always doing…so what, may I asked did ANDY do to age them so? I can’t see him scrubbing floors or washing windows like I did…
    So perhaps there isn’t anything we can really do…our hands tell the tale of our lives…the good, the bad, and the years…So I say worry not! Let’s wear them with pride…cause imthemom1!

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