Hey Sparky

Costco is a fun place to shop. You can get lots of things in quantities you may never run out of. I love to go there and fill up two big carts and watch how people react to me. No matter what the ‘occasion’, when ever anyone says anything like, “You must be stocking up for quite a while,” I like to respond with a blank, innocent look and say, “this is just for the week/weekend.” The reaction I get from people is priceless. Sometimes they just back away in unbelief…eyes darting side to side…til they can slip into another isle or behind a rack of floaty swimsuits.  Yes, I get evil delight in being a mom of six teenagers some times.

Another reason I like shopping at Costco is that they regularly give me shopping snacks. I mean, that is so incredibly thoughtful of them! It is amazing how much longer I can shop when I get a tiny cup of juice, a piece of orange chicken, or half a chicken nugget around every other corner. Sometimes they have things like coffee and I steer clear of that. Seriously, I don’t think anyone would want to see me drink coffee. For one thing, I abhor the very smell of it so I would most likely spew it on who and whatever was in my general vicinity. Secondly, since I don’t ingest caffeine really often (ever) I would most likely begin racing through the store at an unsafe speed and cause all sorts of mayhem and destruction. I’ll stick with the more ‘natural’ snacks thank you. (and you’re welcome)

I went to Costco for a very specific reason today so I didn’t take the time to look up and down every isle to see what wonders were awaiting me there. I feel a tiny pang of regret at this, but my day just didn’t have the time slot needed for that kind of research. (next time) I went to get fixings for our ‘after graduation party’ for Jared. He is a sub loving guy so I did the basic meat, cheese, bread, etc. I was really only in the store for about half an hour. That is like a record for me! I still ended up having some nice snacks and spending more money than I wanted but, hey that’s the nature of the store.

Even though I was only in the store for around thirty minutes, I could not find my car when I came out. I remembered distinctly parking under a tree, facing South. (I have no idea of directions…just go with it.) I made my way half way down an isle before I realized it was the wrong one. I stopped and ‘pondered’ for a moment. I was deep in the midst of ponderment when  a car pulled up next to me and commented on the fact that I was way too young to lose my car. I had to laugh because “little did he know” I did this all the time.

For a long time, no matter where I was shopping I would always park in the isle that was straight out the front door of the store.Sometimes that meant I parked WAY out there, but I always went right to me car. See, when I leave a store, I just start walking. It is easier to plan for that than to work to get a close parking spot.

I eventually found my van because the nice man that commented on my age drove around and found it for me. He honked and yelled out his window, “you’re over here!” I thought that is was very sweet of him to not only hunt down my car, but to also alert the rest of the shoppers in the parking lot that I was a brainless brunette. I think I need to go back to the ‘straight out the door’ parking plan. I may miss out on meeting some really helpful people, but maybe my cheese won’t all be melted before I find my car….cause I said so.





photo credit: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=images+of+blind+people&start=104&hl=en&client=safari&sa=X&rls=en&biw=1345&bih=599&tbm=isch&prmd=imvns&tbnid=kW3YISoNV2A1IM:&imgrefurl=http://mysteries24.com/n4-8559-Blind_people_can_see_with_their_tongue&docid=zJgyErobR8ACUM&imgurl=http://img2.grad.bg/500×350/angst3.jpg&w=500&h=332&ei=-jrHT8-TIsLs2gXH9dmOCw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=852&vpy=305&dur=88&hovh=183&hovw=276&tx=160&ty=139&sig=113066672481944259300&page=5&tbnh=125&tbnw=167&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:19,s:104,i:104

3 thoughts on “Hey Sparky

  1. I love this one! I’m having more and more problems with car location…I think we should have an added feature to our car clicker…the car locater…which would point the way to the car within 5 miles…one never knows….This might actualy help in theft cases, as well! and…your shopping was well worth your time…the grad party was great! You’re a cool mom and a great hostess! I know because imthemom1

  2. I have the unique advantage of owning the only Ford Fiesta in the state, but my wife’s grey Honda Accord – forget it!

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