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It amazes me how much I forget. I mean, it isn’t like I’m not crazy busy but still. My kids can tell me something and I will actually be listening to them and the next moment  have forgotten what they said. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it is common enough to really be annoying.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without the calendar in my phone. I have learned to never agree to anything before first checking with my calendar. It might seem like a “duh” statement, but I wasn’t always this busy.

I remember as a teenager, I would buy “day planners” and try to fill it up with activities for each day. For some reason, when I saw my weekly calendar full of things, I felt good. I felt like I had a ‘life.” Nowadays, I look at my full to the top calendar and wish I had a life. I am so busy taking care of kids, meetings, errands, etc etc etc…that sometimes it feels like I am just a drone going through the motions. Not that I am complaining, but it can get a little impersonal at times.

I have been meaning to clean out my extra closet for a long time now. I am supposed to be getting married some time soon and my fiance has actually requested ‘space’ in my house. I think it is pretty nervy of him but I am trying to cooperate. It is actually really hard. I bought this house all on my own and filled it only with things that I like. I didn’t have to put Brad’s ugly old recliner in my house or any of my old furniture. I picked out everything and set it all up how I wanted. It may sound selfish and even prideful, but when I was dealing with the fact that I was suddenly a widow after 20 years of marriage…it gave me purpose and individual personality to ‘build’ my home. When I thought about bringing in an ‘alien presence’ (a new husband) I freaked a bit. It isn’t like he is bringing a ton of stuff, but when he mentioned a roll top desk, I was almost ready to call the whole thing off.

One thing I have learned over the years is to think before I speak. (most of the time) Instead of telling the fiance to hit the road with his fancy desk, I took my reaction to my internal examination room and tried to figure out why it freaked me out so much. Besides what I said earlier about having my own personality, I realized that my house is full. There are no ’empty’ spots. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more, it just means I have spread myself out to fill all the space I have. Kind of like filling a doll house with pudding. The creamy goodness will run into every room unless you put up a’pudding dam’ of some sort. (pudding?…)

Yesterday I had a burst of inspired momentum to clean out that extra closet. It was not an easy chore. When I moved into the house I used that closet to house all my craft supplies. Keep in mind that those same craft supplies now inhabit a room all their own and there was still a lot in the closet. Yes, I know….it’s a sickness….that produces art! I spent hours moving stuff out of my closet and into creative new homes through out my house. It was hard not to give up and just shut the door, but I tried to treat it like an organizing client and kept going.

At one point, I needed to move some of the adjustable shelving from one closet to the other to make more needed storage. As I tried to find the right size of shelf, I realized…..these closets are not the same size. Thinking back to when I first moved in….I vaguely remembered this fact. I had chosen the larger closet to house all my craft supplies. Thus began the transition from ‘closet cleaning’ to ‘closet cleaning and switching.’ Yes indeed, I totally took the bigger closet for myself. It is completely amazing to me how much more room a closet can be by adding just one foot of depth.

The project that started out as a” long time avoided tramatic chore” had turned into a joyous exploration of newly discovered lands. I tell ya, I almost wanted to sleep in there last night. (my bed was totally piled high….) I still have a somewhat mammoth sized amount of work to do today to finish up but….I am feeling very happy about finding again what I had once forgotten. Now, if I could only find that wedding ring……cause I said so.


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3 thoughts on “here kitty kitty

  1. You are an amazing organizer! And a Fabulous writer as well! I’m so proud of you… Pudding? Your creativity knows no bounds! NOW…time to come to MY house…my Craft/sewing room could use some work, and I know you’re the perfect person to do it…cause…Imthemom

  2. You are so amazing, not only with your organizing, but you have a wonderful sense of humor. However, I would suggest that you not call your fiance’ “an alien”. 🙂 He must be a really terrific guy. He captured your heart and obviously can not fill the shoes your husband left, but have been given the opportunity to form his own footsteps, as long as he doesn’t take up too much room… Congratulations!
    P.S. I hope you find the ring too. 🙂

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