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I’m trying something new today. I picked up a book the other day after an ANWA meeting. The book is called Room to Write and has different writing prompts on each page.  I’ve got a lot of stress and crap going on in my life that seems to have caused a bit of constipation of the brain when I try to write. It is annoying. I pulled out the book to see if I could find any good writing prompts. There are some interesting ones, but the one I decided on is a list idea. The idea in the book is to list out 101 places I’ve been or 101 ways to dance. I don’t think I can come up with 101 of either of those, but I bet I can come up with 101 things that annoy me in no particular order… at your own risk.

1. hearing my dog drink water. (lap, lap lap lap…slap!)

2. hearing anyone chew…especially tortilla chips (this almost kept me from marrying Brad…)

3. Jay walkers ( I purposely throw my gum in the middle of the street…just for the record)

4.Hearing people drink (do you see a trend here?)

5. guys that let their underwear/boxers hang out of their pants (funny story…for another time…)

6. grammar mistakes (seen, libary, sammich,….etc.)

7. when the sound and mouths on my tv aren’t in synch…..

8. edited songs on the radio that have so many bad words every other word is gone.

9. people who carry little dogs (rats) in purses around the store. (where does the poop go??)

10. people that talk during movies (loudly)

11. closed minded people (people that don’t like what I like)

12. people with perfectly clean houses

13. the new teen hairstyle of ‘in your face’ bangs.

14. piercings….especially gaging…..eww

15. people that pick their nose and flick it on me

16. being puked on

17. not being able to find any cute flat shoes in a size 10….seriously??

18. my cats when they scratch my couches

19. gay decorators

20. Mark Wahlberg (cause he is just an idiot)

21. the fact that they waited TOO long to make Indiana Jones 4

22. Pauly Shore… any form

23. comedians that can’t be funny without being dirty

24. people that drive their car real fast past me when I’m trying to back out…..hello!

25. misquitos

26. people that don’t listen, yet think they know what I said.

27. my kids when they tell me how hard their lives are… NOT!

28. stupid people

29. when someone tells me they “Knew that was going to happen…” even when there was NO way they could have known

30. people that can never be wrong

31. when no one signs up for my stamp classes…that I work hours to prepare

32. finding dishes through out my house, especially upstairs

33. un matched socks

34. having food spoil or mold. $$!

35. going negative in my bank account

36. not losing weight from making stupid phone calls all day (its hard work!!)

37. lifting something too heavy and hurting my back

38. having my pay check gone before I’m done paying my bills

39. doubting myself

40. being late

41. getting out somewhere and realizing I have cat hair all over me and no lint brush

42. not being able to find my wedding ring

43. wasting time

44. when my kids won’t go to bed when I tell them to

45. my garage….when it isn’t clean

46. losing my favorite Dave Robbins shirt in the laundry

47. my sister when she says she smells fish

48. when I forget something (this happens a lot)

49. my kids telling me they hate me and want to move to Florida where life is perfect. (ok…more than annoys me but…)

50. people that don’t live up to my expectations (not fair but true)

51. my alarm clock when it goes off…at noon or midnight…I don’t know how to set it….

52. not knowing what direction I am going….ever….

53. broken fingernails

54. people that hurt my family (also more than annoy….)

55. not being able to make a decision

56. finding clean, folded clothes in the dirty laundry

57. books written without any paragraph breaks….(Double….don’t even bother reading it)

58. any book recommended by Oprah…( I may retract this if she decided to promote my book…sue me)

59. not living up to my own expectations.

60. ruining my favorite boots because I wore them in mud

61. brand new shoes that fall apart when they get wet

62. being used

63. people that move away….just when I was starting to get to know them.

64. dust

65. my cats when they run in front of my moving legs and then yell at me for kicking them

66. movies with nudity. Seriously….I don’t like them.

67. getting game requests on FB for any farm game

68. being told I’m wrong (PRIDE)

69. people that judge me by this list

70. Conan O’brien

71. pop up ads on my computer

72. losing money (or having it stolen)

73. being told I am not a good person (cuz I am….)

74. not getting to visit with Michelle….like, ever!

75. forgetting stuff….(did I already saw that? I forget….)

76. commercials (except for the ones during Super Bowl)

77. people that don’t understand their own jobs

78. math

79. good movies that are ruined by sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, etc.

80. books with bad endings  (My name is memory……)

81. Nicholas Sparks (see #80)

82. being used by my kids

83. I’m not sure if this is a good idea

84. I’m starting to feel really negative towards the human race

85. I can see why we are told to count our blessings…

86. I think I’ll stop here with just one more….

87. walking through my backyard barefoot and stepping in gravel that cuts my foot, which sends me falling to the ground, into the wet grass that is littered with fresh dog poop, while wearing my new white dress. Okay, so this hasn’t happened, but I can guarantee I would be seriously annoyed if it did! Cause I said so.

photo credit:–sNoaZiQKNmOH2Aw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=1517&vpy=153&dur=32&hovh=183&hovw=275&tx=151&ty=74&sig=113984122180083014531&page=1&tbnh=113&tbnw=170&start=0&ndsp=51&ved=1t:429,r:9,s:0,i:91

One thought on “super sonic

  1. That’s a very good and comprehensive list! I whole heartedly agree with #74, just saying. Now let’s see a more positive list!

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