u knead me

I love my kittens…they make me happy. I think if I was to choose to be an animal, I would want to be a cat. Think about it, people go out of there way to tell you how pretty you are, pet you, play with you, pet you, …yeah, basically having someone wanting to play with my hair all the time sounds like heaven.

My cats are the visiting dignitaries whenever they walk in a room. The kids adore them and give them lots of love. I am a bit jealous…I have been known to pay my kids to play with my hair….don’t judge me, I’m a mom.

It has been sad lately, we lost the alpha cat a few weeks ago. Bart was the biggest,boldest, droolingest cat out of our three. He ruled the roost from a tall cat tower in the corner of the living room. He was the first to want to venture outside into the wild. They were never meant to be outdoor cats, the HOA frowns upon that, but the week before Thanksgiving it just happened. I was cooking and cleaning and moving through the house at a fast pace. The cats decided it would be a good time to play leg maze with my legs. In order to protect them from my wrath, the backdoor opened and they went out. I think we are all happier with their little jaunts outside now and then. Except for Bart wandering off, it has been fine.

I saw a picture of an elephant in a movie the other day. It looked like the elephant was crying, but the movie said that animals don’t cry. I beg to differ. My first example would be my dog. If she is not in the room Brian is in when he is over, she is crying. There have been times when it went beyond crying to down right wailing. True, I did not see any actual tears, but I still consider it crying. (It was pathetic)  My cats have also cried. They are way too classy to moan or wail, but they did shed tears. It was heartbreaking. For days after Bart went missing, Carter would have tears around his eyes. He would come a sit on my lap and just cry. It broke my heart. Ally just sits by the back door, looking out and waiting. She has also had some moisture around her eyes. I don’t care what anybody says, my cats cried when their brother left home.

It just goes to show that animals have a lot more to them than we think. I mean, they are are obviously smart….they have the whole petting thing down to an absolute science. They have all their needs taken care of without having to life a finger, or paw. They get bathed whenever they need it. Could life get any better? It kind of sounds like my kids at times tho…makes me wonder. Should I start giving my pets chores? Or should I tag and collar my kids and make them sleep in the bathroom? I’m just saying…….cause I said so.


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