word count

When I was a teenager, I started keeping track of my favorite words. I was real picky….not many words got onto my list. Perforated was one for sure. It just sounded naughty. Moist was another….makes you feel like you need to wipe your mouth after saying it. Periwinkle…nice word and color. Makes you feel cute when you say it.

As I grew older, my favorite words changed from words that made me smile or laugh because of how they felt or sounded, to words that had great meaning. Love was a big one. It is a small word with a lot of meaning. You’d think it would be a bigger word for all it holds inside. Another small big word is Trust. Wow. How can one really put all that meaning into a little five letter word? Trust is huge! Maybe we should change it to trustafugationary or something to really make it more substantial? Just a thought….let me know…..

Mary Poppins had her big word, supercalifragilistic, or something close to that. It was the big word that would fill any gap you had. Kind of like pink slime in our meat these days I guess. (eww..sorry)

Why do you suppose that the words that really are the most important like, love, hope, life, trust, God, sex….why are they such small words? Those are the words that our lives really seem to revolve around and yet…they are so small. Maybe there is a hidden meaning in all this. Maybe the fact that the words of importance are small is because life is really much simpler than we know. Maybe, we try so hard to figure things out and make things work…and it is really just very simple. Maybe we all need to just relax and let it be and let life just….. live. Set back, take your foot off the gas, take a deep breath and just enjoy the ride. We don’t have to have an answer for everything…..Cause I said so.


2 thoughts on “word count

  1. This sounds like something my wife would share 🙂 She definitely has a thing for words…

    “trustafugationary” is great! you have such a gift for making ppl. laugh!

    Love the ending …some great points there.

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