mulberry street


I have always loved reading. As a child, my mother read to me until I could read to myself. Once I could read alone, I was off and running, or rather, reading. I feel like I have lived many more lives than just this one I am in, because of all the adventures and lives I have experienced through reading. I am always amazed when someone tells me they don’t read. What does that even mean? Does it mean they ‘can’t read’? Like, they are illiterate? Or does it mean they just don’t enjoy reading? I look around at the world and wonder how anyone even exists without the ability to read. Words are everywhere! My mom used to say, “Learn to read and you can rule the world” or something like that. Maybe it was more along the lines of…”Learn to read and you can learn to do anything…” Yeah, I think that was it. Meaning of course, if you can read,  you can read the instructions to do anything. Makes sense.

My kids are a mix of readers and non readers. My girls like to read a lot. Two of my boys are also big readers. The other two….they like pictures. I am really hoping they will get the bug and learn to love reading too, but we are who we are.

I used to read a lot. I used to read three to four books at a time. Lately, I have not read much at all. I have a stack of books to read but I just can’t seem to pick them up. I am busy with the writing part of my life. I have stories that are pushing and shoving and stepping on each others toes to get out of my head and…they won’t allow any other stories in. I pick up a book and the words just float before me in nonsense shapes. It is a bit disconcerting actually. I still go to the book store and look at all the books like a kid in a candy store. I love books. What I would really love right now would be to see my book on those shelves.

I don’t know if my book is going to be any good. I wonder if JK Rowling new her book was going to be iconic or if Stephanie Meyers knew her book would start a vampire revolution. I hope someone will read it and I hope that person says nice things about it…and even puts in up on their shelf in the “not junk” section. We tend to be our own worst critic so, I don’t really know at this point where I’m at. But I am working on it. Someday soon….maybe I’ll be announcing its completion.

Until then, I will spend my last few open eyed moments each day typing out words that may or may not be read by anyone other than those faithful few. Writing is my happy place. Thanks for joining me here…..cause I said so.

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