time is money – I wrote this in my sleep….literally…zzzz



I actually got to go see a big person movie today! I haven’t done that in a while. When Brad was alive, we went to the movies almost every Friday night. There were times when we would run out of good movies to see. I was a borderline “movie coniseur” and proud of it! I don’t see rated R movies, so I was limited a bit, but in a good way.

I’ve really been wanting to see Jack and Jill, but I have to wait to see it with Rachel. It is tradition that we see Adam Sandler movies together. They are just funnier that way. I still haven’t seen Breaking Wind, I mean Breaking Dawn….I admit I loved the books but, the movies have been less than spectacular. Rob Patterson is a good actor and Kristen Stewart is pretty good…..but the make up and directing in those movies is just horrid. The last one I saw had one of the vampires (male) looking so much like Carol Burnett…it was rediculous. I could not get over it. My favorite part is in the first one, Twilight, when they go to play baseball. Other than that….blah. Anyway, I haven’t seen the latest one. I have also been really wanting to see Anonymous…but it disappeared. Some sort of controversy or fight over the content. I guess the movie portrays Shakespeare as a fraud. Hello people, it is what we call a “movie” a “fictional” piece of work. I don’t know why people get so worked up about stuff like that. Too much energy involved for me. I’m gonna find it and watch it and not take it seriously!

The movie I did actually go see tonight was called something like…..In Time or something like that. Something about Time. It starred Justin Timberlake and that young girl that from MamaMia that has Betty Davis eyes. I don’t usually like her, because of the eyes, but in this movie they gave her short auburn hair and lots of dark make up around her eyes…and she looked almost non freakish. I wasn’t even aware it was the same actress until the end of the movie.

It was a cool movie. All about Time actually being the currency of the world. Very cool concept. The main guy, Will, ends up fighting the system and giving time away for free, to all the people. On the surface, it is all very Robin Hoodish and we cheer for the good-bad guy. Yay! Take down the evil Time Banks! But then…..after thinking about what the implications of the story really are, or could be…I think we may have missed the point a bit. Yes, the time banks were wrong or bad. The concept was that when a person reached the age of 25, a “clock” started in their bodies giving them one year. They were thereby forced to work or steal to get time added to their ‘clock.’ If a person’s clock every ‘timed out’ or got to zero, their heart would violently Stop and they would drop dead.

It all sounds very evil. The banks were controlling the people.Kind of like what some people think our government is doing now. So we all cheer for the hero. But then…..wait just a minute. At the end of the movie, Wes and…Betty davis eyes, go all Bonny and Clyde and start robbing all the big banks and giving the “time” to all the people in poor neighbors. They are evening it out. Everyone should have time. No one should have a ton when there are people running out.  The interesting thing is….at the end, when the people (time keepers or police) see all the time evening out….they go home. All the people that had been struggling and working so hard to just get enough time for a day or a week at a time….they go out in the streets and start to ‘party’ or mingle or travel to different “time zones.” It is all wonderful until you see it…..it’s all socialism. Evening everyone out. Making everyone equal, regardless of what they do or what they need…..everything comes to a stop. No one was working. What was the point in that? They all had their time, why should they work?

How long would a society like this function? If you take the movie to have any sort of hypothetical appliance to reality, the functioning ends almost immediately. Everyone just stopped.

I don’t like to pick apart movies. I feel like going to a movie should be entertaining and I should come out smiling. But every now and then…..a movie makes me think. This movie made me think. It was almost a delayed reaction tho. All the way home from the movie theatre I was cheering our hero Will. It wasn’t until I started telling my daughter about the movie that I realized the hidden meaning. It was very interesting.  I wonder what Hollywood was trying to convey with this movie. I wonder if they realize the mixed signal it sent. I guess it doesn’t really matter….most people will probably see the movie because Timberlake is in it, cheer for the underdog, and curse the evil leaders. It will only be those that sit and think about what the movie was really saying….those are the ones that will get it. I hope people will see and understand why socialism doesn’t work.

Our government may seem like it is in a mess and it probably is. But for now….it is better than a lot of options in the world. Cause I said so….

3 thoughts on “time is money – I wrote this in my sleep….literally…zzzz

  1. i think the point was like timberlake said. “you cant hate a person for what their born into” the sad thing is that the poverty society was not given a equal chance to be out of poverty every time they made success the taxes would go up to keep them poverty. its that kind of control that people dont need and it does take a rebelion to free man kind and hopefully thru the kaos of anarchy that ensues we will grow into a better and more equal community. of loving sharing society..

    • true…but look at the Hunger Games. What did their initial rebellion and uprising cause? Even worse government control. It’s a great dilemma. I agree that you can’t hate a person for what they are born into…but my point is, when everything was evened out, everyone stopped having motivation. It was terribly unbalanced before but just giving people what they want is not the answer. There should have been a way for people to gain success and there wasn’t. So, we agree.

  2. Haha!!! We bought the same
    Thing then started
    Talking to the older
    Couple right behind us until we we had to leave since
    They were cleaning the theatre.

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