Sniff, sneeze and swap


If you have never spent the day with 1000 crazy craft ladies, you are missing out. Women in general are full of acertain energy that is not easily understandable by the male population. When those women are crafty, it is a whole new ball game. 

I think crafters are the best people in the world. We love to share share share what we make. It may be because we are all looking for approval and those precious words of affirmation…..or it may be because we love to give. It is a toss up. 

I’m also finding out that these crafty women are a bit sarcastic at times. This might be why I fit in so well. I have been known to be sarcastic a time or two in my life. I blame my mother….and father, and every other relative I have….but its a good thing. I think it gives u(me) thicker skin. It is easier to handle the crap in the world if you(I) don’t take it too seriously. 

That being said….I was totally off my game last night. I was participating in an ‘organized’ card making event. Usually, I am laughing it up and being an annoying(fun I hope) participant.  I tend to be known (lovingly?) as someone that always forgets something. Whether it be for a meeting or a class….I usually forget something and have to improvise (be creative) to make up for it. I thought I was totally with it for the event last night. I had everything in order and bagged up better than ever before. My friend was the first to do my project and she came over to me quickly to say I had forgotten something for the project. I was a bit shocked…..but after some creative thinking I was able to make it work and even improve the project because of it. Whew….disaster averted. Half way through the evening, this same friend came over and causally told me that the organizer of the event had told her that because I didn’t have a ‘full’ card I was not going to be invited back ever again. I was being ‘black balled’ from the list of people invited. I was shocked. I felt awful and a bit hurt. I mean, it was only paper…. It threw me for a bit. I let it stew for a while before I went to appologize to the organizer and try to make it right. She was very ‘cool’ toward me and told it me it was fine. I was sure from the tone of her voice that she was thinking to herself “this person is a loser and never coming back.’  I went back to my projects but still just felt awful. After about thirty more minutes, I went back up to her and tried again to make it right. This time, my friend was within earshot and quickly told me she had been totally kidding and that the organizer hadn’t said anything.  I was thrown off by this completely. I had missed sarcasm. What the heck was wrong with me?? 

As I sat thinking about this, the person next to me turned to me and said “I hate complainers!” She then put her hand up so I could only hear her and said “shut up and make your card!”  I was again shocked…..I told her I didn’t think I was complaining……”I’m not talking about you!!” she said. Good golly miss molly. I had missed it again.  I don’t know what was wrong with me.

I felt like I was sitting in another person’s body last night. It was weird. I tried a few times to get my game back on but it just wouldn’t come. Had I lost my touch? Was my mojo gone? I was still busting through the card projects quicker than anyone around me…..what the heck was up?!  As I picked up my stuff at the end of the night and started back to my room, I realized the cold medicine I had taken earlier was totally worn off. My ears were blocked, my eyes were stinging and my nose was starting to run again.  I had a bit of a revelation…..Dayquil might be great to get you through the day, but as it dries up all those unwanted head fluids it also take away your wit, sarcasm and ability to think on your feet. Is it worth it? You tell me…..would you rather hear me still and sneeze and blow my nose….or make your laugh? Then again, maybe people are still laughing at me as I suffer…..I just don’t notice. Whatever works…..I’m just here to serve. Cause I said so.

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