can you say “a do be?”

We will always remember the Alamo. What was lost was more than a battle, but also a level of pride and a general feeling of well being and invincibility. It lives on in the memory of every true Texan and those that know anything about US history. It is what makes San Antonio a hot spot of tourism to this day. There are many other sights to see in San Antonio as well. The River Walk is beautiful. The river is surrounded by the cutest little shops. Some look like they were transplanted straight over from Venice while some look surprising like a scene from Miss Congeniality…(cause it was shot there).

I will always remember San Antonio. I will remember the romantic feel of whole city. The amazing view from the top of the Hotel Contessa, (by the rooftop pool…hello!). The sushi at Sushi Zushi was amazing, as was the company. I might even remember some of the awesome stuff I learned and saw at my Stampin’ Up! leadership convention.

But I have to admit that the thing I will remember most is the color of my knee cap. Yes, I said knee cap. It was humid Friday morning as I set out

walking to the convention center. The air was so think you could not see to the end of the block. I had on my awesome new boots and felt pretty darn cool. These boots were great…and didn’t hurt my feet! I only got to the corner before I slipped on the sidewalk and landed on my knee in an incredibly graceful half split position. I was in a skirt so I made sure it was ladylike.

I have fallen on this knee before….usually during ice skating. I have even broken that kneecap before. This time was different. Instead of breaking a bone, I

simply broke the skin….to the bone. It was a bit sick. My friends helped me back to the hotel lobby where they were kind enough to give me a TRASH bag full of ice, (bag of ice—everything’s bigger in Texas), and eight munchkin size bandaids. I took the ice and refused the bandaids on the grouds that they would not do a thing for me. The gash was easily 2 inches long.

I ended up taking a cab to the ‘urgent care’ down town and getting 8 stitches in my knee. Although some people might think this was a horrible thing to have happen while on a trip, or vacation….I beg to differ. I was the only one in the urgent care so I got lot of attention. The nurse was after my own he

art. Totally laid back, cool, and sarastic. I loved her! The doctor was a super nice guy that talked crap with me while scrubbing out my inner knee with a scrub brush. (thank you pain killer) . He even “didn’t say” that I was totally capable of cutting out my own stitches in a week.

I got lots of attention the rest of my trip from other stampers, the people on the street, the cute AV guy, and even the pilot of my last flight home. He personally pushed my wheelc


hair (yes,I’m that pathetic) from one gate to the other one when they finally found a way out of the horrid wind storm late saturday night. The flight attendants were amazingly sweet and funny. We even got to sit in the front row of the plane and hold baby Carmen on the way home. Made for a super quick 2+ hour flight.

so, basically, instead of a normal, uneventful trip, my little accident made it much more memorable. I am once again in love with Texas. I have rediscovered the goodness of the human family. I have lots of new fodder for my book from the many people that talked to me cause I was a pathetic lame girl in a wheel chair. The only thing I don’t have is a picture of my inner knee cap. Which….could be a good thing or a bad thing….cause I said so.

One thought on “can you say “a do be?”

  1. I would like to experience San Antonio as you did, just without the injury. Lol. You have turned me into someone who actually wants to go there by the description you have given of the place. Maybe you should write for the tourism board.
    I hope you get better you are such a good writer I always feel my imagination turns visual every time I read your writing.

    Love your #1 Fan….

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