the hills are alive


What if all that you see is put there just for you? What if there aren’t really any other people in the world, it is just all an elaborate stage set up for you

to act on? Everyone you see or come in contact with only exists when they are seen or heard by you? If it were true….would you change your life? Would you rewrite the scene you were currently playing and make it something better? Would you remove the stress and heartache and add more gelato and laughter?

I love the song World by Five for Fighting. It talks about a hypothetical situation where you receive a package with a “build it yourself” world.  “What kind

of world do you want?” it asks. You have the freedom to pick anything you want. You can get rid of all the sickness and money and struggles and just keep the things you like. My first thought is that I would definitely get rid of spiders. I hate them. But then, my world would p


ly be over run with the bugs that used to be eaten by the spiders. And maybe my song birds would starve because they wouldn’t have spiders to eat. I like birds ….. if they all starved it would probably affect flowers and trees and even the animals that eat birds. I like flowers and trees….and frankly, we need them, so….guess we have to have spiders. Unless I can come up with something else to take the place of spiders and do what they do…..



world is a very complex place. It amazes me how everything works together so well. It’s a bit like a picture I saw on Pinterest the other day. It was a picture of….something….Bob Marley’s face or something, and it was made up of Rubix cubes. The cubes had been turned so that the right color and placement of each square was just right so that when you stepped back and looked at the 100s or 1000s of cubes, it made a whole picture. It was very amazing!

I think life is a lot like a Rubix Cube picture. You might have one rubic cube that you can see. You can hold it in your hand and turn it and change it and try


to get it perfect…but when you put it back in line with all the other cubes, it just doesn’t fit when it is all one color and perfect. The thing that makes it a useful part of the ‘whole picture’ is it’s imperfections. The cube has to be imperfect but have its spots in the right place to fit with all the imperfections of the other cubes in order for the ‘whole picture’ to make something beautiful.

Nobody is perfect. What makes life here on this earth beautiful is the differences and imperfections of us all. Together we all make a pretty amazing picture. And, it isn’t actually of Bob Marley, but of something much more fantastic….cause I said so.

One thought on “the hills are alive

  1. i have mastered a rubix cube before. the lesson i learned was i never want solve the rubix cube again. the reason why is because when i solved it and had everyside matching i felt it was complete and i didnt want to mess it up again. so i would never touch my cube after it was solved. if thats a parable to life then i hope life is a unsolved rubix cube. and i hope its never solved. i would be sad if life became something i didnt want to dissrupt..

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