Beckie does Beefy Books

I had a really fun and happy day today. No, I didn’t go to Hobby lobby…although that would have been the icing on the cake. I just did normal mommy stuff. Got up, got the kids off to school….cleaned up just a bit, even took a shower. I even went a little crazy and blow dried my hair just a bit. I wanted to work on swaps a bit more, but I just didn’t have the time this morning. Instead, I drove all the way to Florence (not the #1 Az tourist stop) and picked up quite a bit of beef. Yes, I’m planning ahead and trying to feed my kids good. It felt pretty good to almost fill up my freezer with something other than bread and strawberries. I mean, if it can’t be ice cream, it might as well be beef, right?
But wait…that wasn’t the most exciting part of my day. I know, I know…how can it get better than that? Well, let me tell ya. I came home from my beef run and filled my freezer and then did a little work on a story I had written. I had a hard time concentrating though because I was so excited. I had an appointment to meet with a potential illustrator for my first book today. He will hereafter be referred to as “the asparagus” for reasons I cannot divulge.(his name is Alfred, figure it out).
I am so dang excited to actually get one of my stories in print with full color pictures and all that….I can hardly wait. The asparagus came highly recommended by a friend so I was imagining my book, in all its glory, being published and winning awards and basically being the ‘talk of the town.’
I was driving across town to meet the asparagus and could not help but call my sister to share my excitement. What else are sisters for? Besides shopping for bras?(sale at VS this week!) As I talked to her about it, I felt my excitement grow to even greater heights. I might have scared a few other drivers on that ‘big turn’ part of the freeway with my swerving around. I was laughing so hard my eyes were watering and I was about to pee my pants.
Yes, in my family we tend to take excitement to higher levels than the rest of the boring, I mean, normal population. I was so excited I was afraid I would bust a gasket, or worse yet, end up like that sad weight lifter than lost his….never mind. I can’t really speak of that….Rhea. Anyway. I had to calm myself down because I was afraid the poor asparagus would hear the doorbell, come to the door and see nothing but me…lying on his doormat twitching, in a pool of my own urine. That image may disturb you, but to me, it caused even more hysterical laughing.
The good news, (yes it gets better) , is that I actually found the house I was looking for, thanks to Gypsy (GPS) and had a nice meeting with the asparagus. He is a very nice fellow….and very talented. He laughed at my jokes and told me my story was good. (big points there) We hit it off well.
The only problem we may have is in the actual artwork. He is incredibly good at art. I was blown away by his pictures. He is going to make me a few samples by next Tuesday to see if he can make it look like I want it to. I admit, I am a bit (extremely) picky about what I want. This is my first time and I want it to be great. I don’t think he will have a problem drawing my pictures, I just hope he can step away from his amazing comic book style and make it kid appropriate. After all, the book is about a ‘mermaids dream’, not a…wet dream,……cause I said so.

One thought on “Beckie does Beefy Books

  1. First: You didn’t even see that picture, but you will 🙂 and Second: I can’t wait for your book. Its going to be amazing and anyone who says otherwise will get a sharp rap on the jaw. You’re super duper.

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