braggin rights

I got to watch my son play TWO basketball games today. I was kind of surprised they had two games, back to back, to the same team, on the same day, but……to quote the principal, “we are a charter school. We can do whatever we want.” So, there it is. I’m sure it wasn’t totally up to HIM, and he wasn’t actually talking about basketball when he said that, but…if the basketball shoe fits….

I haven’t made it to all of Jared’s games, (bad mommy), but it has mostly been because of poor planning. For some reason, Jared has been unable to bring me an actual schedule of the games. I’ve begged and pleaded and even threatened (not to come to games) and it was all for naught. Until today. Today he brought me his “official” game schedule. This schedule was on a piece of copy paper that had been copied from a sheet of notebook paper. It had the dates of the games and who they were playing and even a few locations, written on it. The handwriting is almost legible and only parts of it are scribbled out with pencil. I hereby retract all doubtful feelings I had toward my son when he would tell me he didn’t have a schedule. What the heck.

I wasn’t planning on staying for the two games today….it is Monday and I really REALLY wanted to have a good Family Home Evening tonight. Stake conference inspired me yesterday and we were gonna do it! However… I drove Jared to the game….half an hour away….I realized that if I dropped him off and went back home and then came back to get him afterward, I would be in the car two hours and only home one. Kind of pointless. I decided to stay and watch the games. I mean, I love to watch my kids to sports of any kind so, it wasn’t like it was a sacrifice really. I just called (texted) the kids at home and gave them a bit of instruction (ramen noodles) and settled in to watch the games. It was probably one of the most enjoyable basketball games I have ever been too. The second most exciting game I can remember was when Westwood was in the championship against Brimhall….that was an amazing game….but this, this was MY son! He was on the starting line up and he was great! I couldn’t help but think of his dad as I saw him reach higher than all the other players, and as I watched the opposing team bounce off of him. Brad used to be called Great White Horse on the basketball field, because he was big and fast and mowed down any and every one in his way. I personally called him ‘stonewall Carlson’ because the other players would try to run into him and they would bounce off, just like off a wall. Jared is the same. It was so fun to watch! He has really improved his game over the last year.

The games were close. The first one went into over time and we only lost by 1 point. I was getting stressed out with excitement with every play! It was awesome!

The second game found us running at full speed from the beginning. We won by 20 points. It was great! I was so surprised that the boys, and Jared too, could keep running and playing hard for so long! It was really a lot of fun. I enjoyed every minute of it! We didn’t get home til almost nine oclock. I feared the worst, but again, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the kids were in the process of showering and getting to bed. They all came out and had another snack when we got there, but then we wound down with scriptures and prayer and got to bed. We all missed our bed times, but sometimes rules are supposed to be broken when the thing they are broken for it more important. I can’t think of anything better to be doing than supporting my son as he does something he loves and he does it well….it was well worth a  few more yawns tomorrow…..cause I said so.

One thought on “braggin rights

  1. I guess that dollar the snack machine took from me to buy you that payday was my admission price.. That was some amazing bball. I enjoyed watching the couch yell with excitement “JARED!! Great Defense, way to block ” and a few more.. That coach really enjoys how Jared plays. He is not a ball hog and he knows how to make it possible for his team to get to the hoop. Your such a wonderful journalists. i enjoy being around to share these experiences and then later reading about them like a professional journalist or writer would explain my night. keep sharing your stories I love them and you…

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