surprise….you’re an idiot

ImageI like suprises, usually. I don’t like bad surprises, like creepy crawlies in unwanted places, or being dumped in a pool of water while fully dressed. But I don’t mind being surprised with gifts or unexpected concert tickets to see the Band Perry. I guess I’m like most every other girl in that respect.

I feel like I live a pretty normal life. I don’t have crazy things happening to me all the time. I’m not bored either. I can just roll with the punches of a typical large family and still feel like I have some sort of control …. even if it is very small. 

I had a couple of pleasant surprises today that made me feel a mixture of feelings. The first was during my oldest son’s talk in Stake Conference. (yes, I’m a proud mama!!) He did a really great job. I’m sure the whole congregation could see me beaming from the back of my head. (we sat in the very front row. Ben calls them VIP seats….) I wasn’t surprised that he did a great job, I knew he would because he wrote his talk two weeks ago and he is just, well, amazing. The things that surprised me were the things he said. He talked about the hard times he has had dealing with his dad’s death and how he turned to his scriptures. I didn’t know. He never really talks about his feelings of loss or the hard times he has due to Brad being gone. I mean, I know he MUST have them, but he doesn’t share that with me. None of the kids, other than Ethan, do share that. I am really at a loss as to how they feel most of the time. (yes, I do feel like a bad mom sometimes…) I was so very impressed that he had turned to the scriptures. It was a really nice surprise to hear that he had done that. 

The other surprise also came during Stake Conference. The Stake President announced that since we as a church, worldwide, were focusing on the Book of Mormon this year, the stake had purchased little paper back Booksof Mormon for everyone at stake conference. Yes, we all have our own scriptures at our house, but the cool thing is this: I had decided to purchase everyone in our family a small book of mormon strickly for family scripture reading. In the past, we have all just read from the big family book. In fact, I am usually the one that reads and everyone else just listens. I thought it would be more informative for everyone if they all had a book to follow along with and to take turns reading. I hadn’t gotten to the book store yet, so, yay! Now I don’t have to go! Now we can keep our little books all together and read together and it will be wonderful.

We started our reading tonight and that is where the third surprise happened. I read the intro and then we split up the 20 verses between the four kids in attendance. (Jared went to bed on time….did I mention he was amazing?) Thorin did his five verses and then Sarah read hers. After Sarah, I told Ben it was his turn and……HE READ IT! I pointed to each word, but he totally could read it. 

This is where the idiot part comes in. I have never had Ben read scriptures before. I just didn’t think of it. He is the baby and I just …..feel like an idiot. Once again, I have not noticed him growing up! He is ten years old and sometimes I still treat him like he is four. The poor guy…I wonder if he gets sick of me. I know he is a bit delayed in some areas, but dang it all….he can read the scriptrures! I’m so excited…yes, I am totally going to tell his primary teacher to have him read at church too. He said he doesn’t read at primary. (yes I asked him). Well, brother, he is going to be reading there now! Cause I said so!

One thought on “surprise….you’re an idiot

  1. your lucky! And I can admit Jared is amazing. All of your kids are. Of course they must be truly wonderful look at the parents who educated your kids and raised them. Between you and your husband its clear that you have raised amazing kids .. your a very wonderful family. I look forward to reading more about your children.

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