too much of a thing

Let it be known, there was balance in the force today.

I started out the day at a dead run. Not literally, heaven’s no. I don’t “run.” I just jumped (rolled) out of bed at the crack of dawn (8am) and dolled myself up (threw my hair in a pony tail) and carefully made my way (sped like a demon out of hell) to my appointment with the ASU advisor (English major with TEN books on his shelves…wth…..) After driving all over Tempe and asking at least 50 (50) people where the literature building was, I found myself full of hope at the idea of a major in English literature. No, don’t start snoring yet, it actually sounds fun. I will be required to read and write, two things I love most, and not do much math at all! What more could a girl want? (gelato)

I had to go to the undergrad services department and I almost skipped (danced) across campus. It is such a pretty campus (it was 70 degrees…everything is pretty) and I just smiled at everyone and everything. I was so excited at the thought of being a student there! I could feel the creative juices eeking out of the marble columns (concrete/adobe walls). It felt great! I was in a super good mood!

The lady (powerless child) at the advisory window was very sweet when she informed me that since I hadn’t gotten my kindergarten finger paint drawings (high school transcripts) sent to ASU (in an armored truck driven by Rob Lowe) before today (two months ago) ….she was very sorry but there was no way on earth (or in Hell) that I would be able to start classes in two days. I was a bit crushed (pissed off). I decided to not get too upset (punch the powerless child)  but to look at the situation in an open-minded way. Maybe this was happening for a reason. Maybe I needed to learn or do something else for a semester. I thought it over while I walked (no more dancing) back to my car at the other end of campus (Egypt). I could take some super fun classes at MCC. Maybe sculpture (Michelangelo) or drawing (DaVinci) or maybe join the choir again. I even wondered if they might have a class for Banjo (rainbow connection aid).

I was feeling better when I got to my car (hungry like Heck) so I grabbed some food (questionable) at Jack in the Box and went home (Rhea wasn’t home to bother). At home I checked on the kids (tv vegetables) and then got to work on the computer looking for classes (watched an episode of Psych first, hello!)  I found a couple classes that sounded good and decided to register for them. As soon as I did, I realized I had registered at the Gilbert campus. Dang! I don’t know why it did that….(I changed my campus preference six months ago.)

After spending over an hour and a half trying to change my campus back to the red mountain one, I gave up (kicked an animal) and went ahead and finalized the registration for Gilbert. Whatever. It was closer (4 min). I was a bit surprised (hoppin mad) when I noticed that the Gilbert school thinks I am an alien (non resident) and charged me $1900 for two classes. I am not paying that much for fluff classes! (hell no!)

So, I went back to my attempts to change my campus. That is when the truth finally came out….MCC doesn’t want me anymore. I have 70 (fricken) credits so I am over qualified (too fricken smart) for their school. Well I say POO on them. That’s right, POO and double POO POO!  I don’t need their stinking badges (classes). I can take classes somewhere else. Maybe I will TEACH classes. Maybe, just MAYBE….I will finish my stinking book and then take it and stick it up their snooty noses. Although, if I really DO finish it, I don’t want anyone’s boogies on it….gross…..cause I said so.


2 thoughts on “too much of a thing

  1. A.S.U. does have that kind of appeal. I have spent many days on that campus and I love its charm. You were blocks from my house you should of stopped by for lunch. Sorry to hear about your luck. Your story telling ability is incredible I felt like I was with you during the escapade. I am sure your book will be a best seller if it has the talent you posses.

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