half asleep or half a brain

I accidentally posted this to my business blog instead of here. lol I’m such a dork….bet my customers were wondering what the heck had happened to me….oh well!

A brand new year. In the past I have made it a point to NOT make resolutions. I think it was basically because I don’t like doing what every one else is doing. I’m not the kind to follow the crowd and do things simply because it is popular. This is also my excuse for being such a dorky outcast all through junior high and high school. Yeah, it was all part of my plan. Whatever.
This year, I think I may actually set a few goals. I have been very impressed by my son’s diligence in keeping to a strict schedule. He almost always goes to bed before everyone else in the house and it up and out the door before I have hit the snooze button for the second time. He has a crazy busy schedule and serious goals in mind and has done extremely well so far. He has inspired me to try and get to bed on time. I have to admit a bit of hesitancy here because…I am quite a night owl. I always have been at my most creative in the middle of the night. Now, before you get any weird ideas about that statement, I am referring to doing last minute essays and other homework, finishing up 150 swaps for a Stampin’ Up! event, or feverishly sewing the last bits of the Christmas projects I put off til Christmas Eve.
Looking back, I think what I may have considered “creative night owl syndrome” may really be more of a “conquistador of chaos” (thanks goes to Juli Morgenstern for that term). I wait until the last possible moment and then voila! I pull the proverbial rabbit out of my hat and it all works out. I don’t know that I work well under pressure like that, but I don’t quit til I’m done.
I am wondering what will happen if I actually start things in the morning. You know, that time BEFORE the kids are gone to school. That time of day when my crazy sister goes bike riding and working out and all those things that cause her to injure herself and look good while she does it. Maybe I would sleep better planning ahead for the next day instead of lying half awake hoping and praying I finished everything on time. I don’t know…it is an idea. Besides….I keep hearing that “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” run through my head. And seriously…..who couldn’t use a little more health, wealth and wisdom? I’m ‘up’ for the challenge…first thing tomorrow. Cause I said so….

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